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  1. F0nSY

    Spanish guy at Gillete Stadium !

    Yeah guys ! I am glad to say that I will attend a New England Patriots game. It will be 11th october against the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football... It could be a insignificant new for you but I live in Spain and I've never been in the United States of America... I am very excited to...
  2. F0nSY

    Will Floyd be back?

    Yes, He will re-sign , we are going to pay him low very low And of course yes, Ray Lewis killed a guy.
  3. F0nSY

    Steelers or Kansas city who would you rather face?

    I don't care about teams. I am talking about QuarterBacks so... I'd rather face Alex than Big Ben.
  4. F0nSY

    Free agent DE Chris Long to visit Patriots on Monday 3/14.

    So... You mean he comes to visit his dad.
  5. F0nSY

    Patriots @ Broncos - Game Thread

    Emmanuel Sanders, he could be with us !
  6. F0nSY

    Patriots @ Broncos - Game Thread

    You know what I mean !
  7. F0nSY

    Patriots @ Broncos - Game Thread

    2:30 am in Spain but I will always be a Patriot ! . Go Pats !!!!!
  8. F0nSY

    Denver Broncos' QB Osweiler will start vs. Patriots

    Can you imagine Julian Edelman on the field this sunday? .... F****
  9. F0nSY

    Slater as WR?

    Matthew Slater is better than Bryan Tymms. LoL
  10. F0nSY

    We're onto Denver

    Jamie will be able to play this week.
  11. F0nSY

    Howe: Danny seems good to go vs. Denver

    We need that Italian guy ! Come on Danny !
  12. F0nSY

    Official Game thread: Patriots-Bills 11/23

    Are you in Greece now? It's tough to watch Sunday Night or Monday Night games in Europe... But true Patriots can do it !
  13. F0nSY

    Denver Broncos' QB Osweiler will start vs. Patriots

    It would be easier with PM18 on the field... Anyway It will be a close game
  14. F0nSY

    Pats-Bills Pregame Thread

    C'mon Pats ! It's so late in Spain but I will watch my guys play !!!!
  15. F0nSY

    Stevie Johnson likely to sign with Pats [3/17 update: signs w/ San Diego]

    Johnson is going to announce his choice this morning, right?.
  16. F0nSY

    Revis Signs with NYJ

    We'll never release that player because he made THE INT :D
  17. F0nSY

    i don't care!! i don't like it!!

    Why did you buy a Revis jersey man? ... I'm sorry so much
  18. F0nSY

    Patriots 2015 Off-Seaon Free Agency Rumors

    You are very clever hahaha ;)