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  1. lurker1965

    Jules wants out?

    Throw in rights to Gronk. and a fifth (or whatever). Is their second closer to 33 or 64?
  2. lurker1965

    Blanket response to all "Let sign... " threads

    Sure. For the 90. To a cut-able contract. Kick the tires on anybody. I trust coaches who see more in practice than I ever could to decide if the player is good enough for the 53. For the 90, what is he robbing the spot of that 4th string safety who is under sized and slow but is the son of a...
  3. lurker1965

    Joe Flacco

    Broncos reportedly waiving Joe Flacco Can we successfully avoid signing Flacco?
  4. lurker1965

    Where does Tom Brady keep his Bucaneers?

    In his Bucan' helmet. Hey, I laughed.
  5. lurker1965

    Is there anyway we could sign Newton?

    I'm sure it is possible in some weird theoretical sense, but why?
  6. lurker1965

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    No, I ask you, Felger, to learn English. BTW, good job ignoring my question. I used Felger as an insult. You earned it.
  7. lurker1965

    Stupid scenario about draft question

    Read the whole thing.Wanna post a dig on McShay? Rich Esien? Oh, wait you can make a drug joke. :)
  8. lurker1965

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    I assume you are trolling, but assuming you are sincere. Tell me I did not hear this for the Bucs after xxxvii; change the roman numerals and the team for every non-Patriots super bowl winner. I'd take any one as an answer and you'll win the Internet. That said, it is possible after they...
  9. lurker1965

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    Um, next year every team gets to play their super bowl against KC. Everyone wants a raise. All your coaching assistants become targets. Eventually Mahomes wants to be paid. Don't get me wrong. Mahommes is good. KC will always be a contender like whatever team had Peyton.
  10. lurker1965

    Stupid scenario about draft question

    This scenario is stupid, but read on. At the end we can make fun of media people. :) Tom Brady resigns and one thing is Bill promises the first pick will be a wr or TE. Then two days before the draft it comes out that Tua re-aggravated his injury in a motorcycle accident. One day before the...
  11. lurker1965

    Reason #248 why Pat MacAfee might be a genius

    He explains Anyonio's actions BEFORE the signing...
  12. lurker1965

    Antonio Brown

    No.It is impolite to make fun of people with mental illness
  13. lurker1965

    Antonio Brown

    I'm not sure how I feel but I am giddy this will piss off Steeler fans.
  14. lurker1965

    Greatest Plays of the Patriots Dynasty

    Um, leaving regular season and even playoffs aside. 7 Super Bowls and just 5 plays? Not possible.
  15. lurker1965

    Bill Belichick: Dominance Among Peers

    Um, I take Belichick at his word when he says Paul Brown. His Browns won four straight AAFC championships then 3 NFL championships with Otto Graham at QB then 1 more with James Brown at RB before Art Modell, the guy who fired Belichick in Cleveland, fired Paul Brown from the team named after...
  16. lurker1965

    Ben Watson and Achilles

    For new guys: Achilles mom dipped him in the river styx to make him invulnerable ,but held him by the heel. Next to her was Watson's mom. She held him by the hands.
  17. lurker1965

    Gronk to retire

    As of his retirement, he led the league in "69" jokes.
  18. lurker1965

    Edelman national HOF discussion

    I heard a good argument. An idiot is arguing for Eli Manning for HOF. The reply was make an argument without post season or tell me why not Edelman. :)
  19. lurker1965

    old video of Gronk doing short hot wings interveiw

    I don't know how I missed this.
  20. lurker1965

    The Annual "what would you trade this years Super Bowl Victory for"?

    Hey, I like the Patriots and if there never was 1 it'd be priceless, but $50,000 is $50,000.