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Sep 27th

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  1. SmokeShowin

    The day is here!

    I had to give that a thumbs down. Only because I really like the original, and that was just bad. GO PATS!!!! FINISH THE JOB!!!
  2. SmokeShowin

    The day is here!

    I slept about 2 hours last night. I am so psyched for this game that I can't even describe it. I respect every team we face and am seriously nervous about Seattle. I know, without a doubt, that the Pats are a dominant team. And we should roll over the Seahawks easily, but I'm not convinced that...
  3. SmokeShowin

    from all the world this is the moment...GO PATS !!!

    Fahk yeah!!! Go Pats from Seekonk, Taxachusetts!!!!
  4. SmokeShowin

    Rest in peace, Stuart Scott

    “When you die, that doesn’t mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you lived and in the manner in which you lived. So live. Live. Fight like hell.” - Stuart Scott @ The ESPY's. He was a fighter. **** YOU CANCER!!!
  5. SmokeShowin

    Hernandez wrongful death suit targets New England Patriots

    I'm sure some idiot will leak it. But this is why HIPAA laws are in place. Nobody needs to know a persons personal health info.
  6. SmokeShowin

    Welcome to the new forum!

    Wow. The place has changed. Looks great Ian. Hope everybody is well and enjoying this great weather.
  7. SmokeShowin

    The Official Patriots vs Eagles Pre-Season Game Thread

    Best thing I have read in the last 24 hours. I'm willing to give EVERYBODY a shot, especially considering that players that are off the radar tend to do better up here. I honestly hoped Tebow would show more tonight, but was again sadly mistaken. He can't get it done, and when it's down...
  8. SmokeShowin

    Pats to wear decals on helmets vs 49ers

    I'll be bringing tissues. I got tears in my eyes when my girlfriend told me about it. I printed a copy of the decal and I'm gonna put it on my fire helmet that I wear to the games.
  9. SmokeShowin

    Parking/Tailgating Question

    They DO NOT check to make sure you have tickets to the game when entering the stadium lots. :)
  10. SmokeShowin

    Tom Brady on Football and God.

    "We played pretty good tonight. We need to make improvements on both sides of the ball. We have a big game coming up on Sunday and that's our focus." - GOD
  11. SmokeShowin

    The 2011 season: The Jets Suck (merged a lot)

    In the town I dispatch for, there are 2 Jests fans on the fire dept, both new hires. I made sure to give the vets **** for allowing them on the dept. Can't wait until I'm workin again and they are on. LOL!
  12. SmokeShowin


    Thanks man. Nice to see a decent fan of an opponent. I had my qualms before the game, I literally couldn't wait for this game to start. I took a night off from work to see this, and so did my 76 year old mom (note:she NEVER bangs outta work). You guys have nothing to be ashamed of. You have a...
  13. SmokeShowin

    OT: Anyone going to a sports bar in RI to watch the game?

    I'll be at a playoff party. Don't know where you are in RI, but if wanna hop across the border, Boneyard Barbecue in Seekonk is awesome. It's one of my regular hangouts. Awesome wings, some hot bartenders, plenty of TV's including a 10 foot projection TV. Rt 152 just before the Attleboro line...
  14. SmokeShowin

    Heh.... Hitler Reacts To His Steelers Losing To The Broncos

    That is some funny stuff right there, I don't care who you are. :rocker:
  15. SmokeShowin

    OT: Philbin's son's body found
  16. SmokeShowin

    Dolphins 3-0 vs. Patriots in last 3 December meetings

    How many times have the Donkeys beat us? What was this weekends outcome? I am in no way predicting a cakewalk, but I predict that me in my santa hat in 304 will bring a win Saturday!!!