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Sep 27th

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    2020 Jets/JEST/Jete Suck thread

    If the Jets wind up with the second overall pick, would they take fields and dump darnoud?
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    NFL Week 2 games discussion

    Berrios with a nice receiving game for the Jets. Isabella from u mass made a monster catch today.
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Maybe we should call the bengals and see about liberating aj green from their permanent “basement level” penthouse of an organization? he did not look bad at all on Sunday.
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Just say “no” to both.
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    Joejuan Williams moving to safety

    If Phillips and Williams can both play a hybrid safety/linebacker role for this team, then that is a huge help with coverage on running backs and tight ends!
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Arizona shut down kittle in the second half and without Samuel, jimmy g had no one to throw to!
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    For the "Brady made Belichick" crowd

    The play calling by Arians was terrible! Brady on pace for 32 interceptions this year. Never thought Brady would make Winston’s 30 interceptions look good!
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Jimmy g lost today as well. looks like the colts are tanking for Trevor big time!
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    Who the heck are our linebackers?

    Phillips was a great offseason signing. He impressed me today!
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    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    Great win for us. We played physically on both sides of the ball. lots to clean up before the next game. Our wide receivers and tight ends are really weak pass catchers. why were the dolphins going after newton and elumenor at the end of the game?
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    School a Youngster: What Made John Hannah So Good?

    He was a legend in Albertville Alabama and then at the university of alabama. He was incredibly strong, played with great leverage and was extremely mobile! When he went forward anyone in front of him went backwards. In the game we lost in Dallas, he absolutely destroyed Harvey Martin. On one...
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    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    the only records that matter are wins and losses in both the regular season and the playoffs!
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Patriots vs Miami Pre-Game Report

    Will Howard and breida have plus or minus 300 combined yards tomorrow? this could be uglier than a Roger goddell family reunion on Halloween!!!!
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    For the "Brady made Belichick" crowd

    Brady is the greatest qb of all time. Brady makes plays, especially in critical moments. a coach’s job is to put players in position to make plays! brady was the absolute best thing that ever happened to bb, because Brady ran bb’s offense to near perfection! the bottom line is bb could find...
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    What tf is Kyle Van Noy talking about?

    Clearly van noy suffered some sort of burst brain aneurysm in the playoffs last year while watching Henry run by him all game long, because, god knows, van noy was too slow and chicken to actually tackle the dude!
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    Biggest Surprise Player(s) for the Patriots in 2020 - Who Will It Be?

    We have put Harry in the perfect position to put up or shut up! I am hoping he breaks out! also, I think Wynn could become a pro bowl alternative this year. I think he is that good!
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    Von Miller might be out for year

    Terribly bad luck! I wish him a complete and speedy recovery.