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Sep 27th

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  1. varjao

    Maybe Cam is a better QB than we (and everybody else) thought?

    Still early but I'm impressed with Cam on the passing game. He was throwing darts between the numbers all over the place yesterday. Impressed to the point that begs the question, is it possible that this guy is better than what was the common sense between football fans about his game? It's...
  2. varjao

    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    BB blew it not calling that time out after the Edelman catch. and the final play worked twice before, it was about time they would get a stop. the coaching staff lost this game
  3. varjao

    Deshaun Watson Gets His Deal

    I'm not completely sold on Watson if let's say the Texans have a really bad season 3-13 for any reason and a good QB falls into their laps in the draft. Ok that next years draft will be a big question mark but you got the point. That's before the contract of course, now they made a decision.
  4. varjao

    Early Roster Prediction 2020

    There's a fingerprint button on the screen when I access from cell phone or iPad with ads and privacy preferences that is really pissing me off, how do I disable this thing?
  5. varjao

    Cowboys will play in front of fans in stadium in 2020, encased in Pods..

    I admire people that are looking for a solution/alternative instead of freaking out, being completely negative and repeat endlessly that the season should be canceled.
  6. varjao

    TE Matt LaCosse Opts Out

    The Pats got a little better today
  7. varjao

    Bill the GM/HC

    Yes but...need to take the draft away from him and give to someone else.
  8. varjao

    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    He had no other offer, that means no other NFL team wanted him, the guy was missing targets by a far distance last season, his shoulder better be healthy.
  9. varjao

    NEW ARTICLE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Reveal First Photographs Of Tom Brady In Team Uniforms

    We need a thread "Tampa Bay Bucs Temporary Fans Discussion". I'll follow and root for Tampa this season as well, I don't care. I'm curious how difficult it will be for Tom to transition to a new OC , especially a guy that doesn't have too much experience.
  10. varjao

    Goodell encouraging a team to sign Kaep

    At this point its gonna happen (not here), for politics. Man this world we are living in sucks hard. Stop this train, I wanna leave.
  11. varjao

    Sony Michel recovering from foot surgery

    Im talking about his market after the rookie contract expires. The guy came out with a bum knee from college, had a minor knee surgery in his first season, now foot surgery.. he still has 2 years left and a possible 5th year option. He will be on the market with a lot of mileage and god knows...
  12. varjao

    Sony Michel recovering from foot surgery

    2 procedures already, he better save his 1st round money because he can become Stevan Ridley 2.0
  13. varjao

    Patriots have been in contact with Cam Newton....

    Cam Newton is a me first clown that won't survive this environment. He does no good for this team long term. Better to see what you have in Stidham and if he is good, circle him with great players next season while he is still in a rookie deal and we will have a ton of cap space. Or bust. Cam...
  14. varjao

    NFL rumored to be considering 14 game season starting in October

    Thats how I see it as well. Given that scenario cutting down 2 games won't make any difference.
  15. varjao

    Bengals release QB Andy Dalton

    At some point he was a quality QB and I think he could do well in the Pats but I'm not interested, let's row with Stidham and see what he has. It would be interesting to see him go to Dallas since he is from TX. QB controversy right there.