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  1. Crowpointer

    Patriots Hall Of Fame

    Visted The Hall Today (New Years) Suprise Suprise nobody was there and we had the place all to ourselves. This is my first visit since it is closed on gameday. Thought everything was first class. The three kids in the pics are mine of course plus my wife. Toppped it off with lunch at Red...
  2. Crowpointer

    SMY: Some signs pointing to Pats executive vice president Pioli moving on

    Re: SM Young:Some signs pointing to Pats executive vice president Pioli moving on Except Coach Belichick who we hope is going to do a "Paterno" here.:cool3:
  3. Crowpointer

    Will the Jets be following the Jags game?

    Only if they get to watch the John Henderson pregame. YouTube - john henderson ;)
  4. Crowpointer

    What do YOU want under the Pats' Xmas Tree?

    I just want to deliver them
  5. Crowpointer

    Pats will wear throwbacks in Weeks 3 and 6 of 2009

    All throwback uniforms must be certified for authenticity by italian pat patriot .:cool3: I'm guessing a big year on Patriots merchandise with the 50th anniversary patch on it.
  6. Crowpointer

    Freeman: On Pats fans

    I got blasted in the back of the head from someone in the club seats above me. They ought to give the guy who threw this one (at the guy who tackled Junior) a prize. It looks like it hit him right in the face.:singing:
  7. Crowpointer

    At least I'm not a troll who just disappears

    True you are not a troll that just disappears. Rather you are the worst kind of troll .......the one that wants to stay:nooo:
  8. Crowpointer

    Patriots have not lost back to back games at Gillette since 2002

    I think those two games were the only time we saw the all blue uniforms. Two losses quickly shelved them but I actually thought they looked pretty cool as an alternate.
  9. Crowpointer

    Punishment Forthcoming from Matt Light v. Channing Crowder fight?

    I haven't seen this posted but on the play before the fight play Crowder came up to Cassel was was extended in the pile and kneed him in the helmet. It wasn't super hard but hard enough to enrage your average offensive lineman protecting his quaterback. I remember when I saw it I was half...
  10. Crowpointer

    Imagine if this game were in Foxboro

    Can't complain with the scheduling on this one. We are much better off playing the Dolphins in Foxboro in Sept/Oct and in Miami in Nov/Dec then vice versa. I did a rough check in the Media guide and could find only 2 wins in the history of the team in Sept/Oct in Miami with one being the 2003 OT...
  11. Crowpointer

    Will we see 16-0 Titans in this season?

    Re: Will we see 16-0 Titan in this season? I hope so because then it will be more likely we can take down the ridiculous 16-0 banner in Gillette. The Titans are going down when they play the team that nobody will want to play in the playoffs.......The Patriots !;)
  12. Crowpointer

    PFT: NFL cuts price of playoff tickets by 10%

    My seats started at $99 in 2002 went up to $125 in 3 years went up to $169 3 years later and I fully expect them to be over $200 each in 3 years. Whats the big news.
  13. Crowpointer

    Signs at Gillette Stadium

    Make sure the sign is not paper and made up of something waterproof . Looks more and more like rain. :(
  14. Crowpointer

    South Shore Sports Bar

    Gotta love the Mill Wharf and the sunday brunch. I haven't tried it but TK O'Malleys across the harbor has been listed by South Shore Magazine as the best sports bar. I live in Hingham so I usually go to the Snug if I'm going out.
  15. Crowpointer

    Stadium Seating Help, Please

    This is a good view TOWARDS my seats. If you draw a line up from the north( right) side 45 yard line I am in the second to last row right in front of the visiting radio announcers. I am row 30 so the last row without being under the overhang is row 31.There is no overhang in front of the...
  16. Crowpointer

    Who's going to the Bills game this weekend?

    I'm out. My daughter is a Cheerleader for the Hingham 4th grade team this sunday in the Old Colony league Super Bowl against Silver Lake. I am already anticipating next year that September October look out since my son will be on the 2nd/3rd grade team and I have already lined myself as one of...
  17. Crowpointer

    Colts lookalike thread

    A perfect match!
  18. Crowpointer

    Colts lookalike thread

    Can't forget Saturday
  19. Crowpointer

    The Viking in the stand??

    YouTube - Minnesota Vikings Syd Davy Interview A you tube on this guy. They show Moss jumping up to him as a Viking.