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  1. mikiemo83

    Free Agent Tight Ends Zach Sudfeld and Brandon Ford

    let us look at the elephant in the room, Gronk will be a PUP this year so the TE spot has an added 6 weeks of time to look at a player and see if he is worth holding on to. I doubt Sudfeld makes it to the PS so I look for him to be the final TE on the roster behind AHERN, Ballard, Fells?hooman...
  2. mikiemo83

    Anyone been tuning into EEI's Salk and Holley instead of Felger and Mazz?

    Did anyone catch Pete Sheppard at 6:15 saturday night, I guess he quit on air blaming the station bosses above for screwing with the station? I wish I had audio of it. Pete is many things but he is a passionate Fan of Boston Sports/// I guess he hinted about moving to the HUB in his...
  3. mikiemo83

    The future of Brandon Spikes and Dont'a Hightower

    the cap is not going to spike as many thought it would in the 2015 season so restructuring to backload deals is not a great option right now. Teams that have the past couple seasons are going to be in cap hell in two years....Jets level cap hell
  4. mikiemo83

    Patriots offense has become far too scheme heavy

    from Reiss " If you like Anquan Boldin … Keenan Allen could be your WR. California receiver Keenan Allen (6-3, 210) drew raves from Mayock, who made the point that if teams are comfortable with Allen’s speed, he could be viewed as an Anquan Boldin-type. But if teams get hung up on speed...
  5. mikiemo83

    Throwbacks in 2009

    TB that was from a thread you started over at Patriotsplanet here. it was the great Dirtywater who came up with that design....
  6. mikiemo83

    Smith offers another guarantee - once again

    this is this years version Some guys never learn Smith offers another guarantee New year. Same big yapper. Pittsburgh safety Anthony Smith, who guaranteed a win over the Patriots before last season’s contest against New England only to be pan-fried during and after the game, has told...
  7. mikiemo83

    Could Cassel win NFL MVP?

    never called him stave young, hell never called him Tom Brady all I was doing is mentioning how well he is doing and how he should be in the conversation for the way he has handled the whole ascension to starting NFL QB
  8. mikiemo83

    Could Cassel win NFL MVP?

    I'll cook it for you, do you prefered grilled or should a make a stew to soften it for digestion? :D
  9. mikiemo83

    Could Cassel win NFL MVP?

    true but that team was view differently...they were never given much of a chance even as they continued to play well...Matt is playing under the pressure of last season and the pre-season polls that had the Pats as SuperBowl contenders add in the lack of a RB, the early season OLine issues...
  10. mikiemo83

    Could Cassel win NFL MVP?

    Look I want Tommy Boy back, don't get me wrong, but perfomance wise up to this date, it is similar to the year Grocery Boy Warner Had during the regular season
  11. mikiemo83

    Could Cassel win NFL MVP?

    I mean look at what he has done to this point of the season? he has maintained the teams level while all around him are injures. 1st to the OLine, then all his RB's, Moss is dinged up, not to mention the Defensive injuries that are forcing Cassel to led the offense down the field and score...
  12. mikiemo83

    Punishment Forthcoming from Matt Light v. Channing Crowder fight?

    not defending it but by looking at the whole game not the play in question I am going to assume Goodell and his trigger finger band of hooligans will Fine not suspend Light much like he did with the Jags/Bungals fights. say what you want about Lights ability but losing Light against...
  13. mikiemo83

    Punishment Forthcoming from Matt Light v. Channing Crowder fight?

    agreed none that I am aware of, no suspensions this is a good thing because during the 1st half the announcer were talking about Light?porter getting into it but it was Light Crowder with Porter coming over after it was all said and done (more on this later)... Light and Chowder had a bunch of...
  14. mikiemo83 FUND DRIVE Effective 10/13/08

    money is tight these days for a lot of people - may not seem like much but to some it is, people are cutting back on everything to make ends meet but if we do not help then the responsibility falls on Ian alone...give it time and hopefully soon people will slowly pitch in
  15. mikiemo83

    Brady has 2nd surgery after infection

    Re: Brady Has 2nd surgery how can this stuff happen in these sterile environments called hospitals?
  16. mikiemo83

    Perezhilton: Brady and Giselle to get married...

    good for was teh ARod dinner date last friday night that gets me
  17. mikiemo83

    NFLPA Exec. Director Gene Upshaw dead at 63 of pancreatic cancer, 4 days after diag.

    Re: NFLPA Exec. Director Gene Upshaw dead at 63 of pancreatic cancer, 4 days after di yeah it is undetectable and the symptoms are usually thought to be something else. I have lost 2 uncles, my mom and brother as well as several other people I have known to this. my brother went to the...
  18. mikiemo83

    IT IS A LITTLE SNUG but my ears are warm do you think it makes me look fat

    IT IS A LITTLE SNUG but my ears are warm do you think it makes me look fat
  19. mikiemo83

    Redskins sexist?

    you can not date your teams cheerleader, I do not think dating teh opposition is part of the teams hire siphyllis full chicks to IR the other team It was a joke about the hooters based on rumors of how many athletes end up dating and marrying them
  20. mikiemo83

    Redskins sexist?

    does the Military allow members to marry? just wondering..I don't think they are allowed to so is that a way out...get hitched