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  1. Remix 6

    Jonathan Stewart at RB?

    I think J-Stew is a perfect fit for the Patriots. Hes explosive, quick and strong. At 225-230, he is a bowling ball who breaks tackles and can catch out of the backfield. I would definitely give up 1 of our 2nd round picks for him considering we have 2 of them. We have some good young RBs but...
  2. Remix 6

    Free Agency: Who do you want?

    Well for FA / Draft we need: 1. Big play WR [Top FA: Dwayne Bowe, Pierre Garcon, Mario Manningham, Vincent Jackson, DeSean Jackson, Robert Meachem, Mike Wallace (RFA) ] 2. Lockdown CB [Top FA: Carlos Rogers, Cortland Finnegan, Tracy Porter , Ladarius Webb (RFA)] 3. Young pass...
  3. Remix 6

    Injuries ?? Wilfork?, Arrington-Eye, ...other?

    Arrington usually wears an visor/shield as it is. The eye injury could've been pieces of rubber getting in his eye or maybe got poked somehow. I'd say him and Vince are fine. Vince returned quick and played well rest of game and also when we won he put his arms up (and his injury was to the left...
  4. Remix 6

    Honestly, Spikes might not be a fan favorite to a lot of us Patriot fans (although I've been a huge fan) but he is key for our defense. He is our thumper and most violent linebacker. This kid loves contact and takes on blocks well for the most part. Some people might not like his behavior on the...
  5. Remix 6

    Mark Ingram runs a 4.62 at combine

    and dont forget that Ingram's 10 yard split is great which I think is more important. it shows burst but 40 shows he lacks long speed which is fine because thats not his game. his game is finding hole, being quick in the hole and exploding through there and then going head to head verse the...
  6. Remix 6

    Meriweather - Do you want him back?

    his problem is he isnt a strong tackler. he can make the big hit when running but hes not a sure tackler as he misses or bounces off a lot. that's coach-able and fixable. i do think he needs to get in the weight room so he can consistently take down bigger players but he tries and he does make...
  7. Remix 6

    Meriweather - Do you want him back?

    Seahawks strip sack to end game come to mind? INT verse bills this year..and Colts. big plays to help us win because we barely won those games
  8. Remix 6

    Division Round: Jets at Pats, 1/16/2011

    Re: Predict the Score Contest, Divisional Playoffs NYJ @ NE 3 Keys to our game in my opinion: * Offensively: Gronk + Hernandez Why? They are mismatches for the Jets linebackers and safeties. Two of those ILB specialize in run stopping and the two outside backers specialize in pass rush...
  9. Remix 6

    Tomlinson: "My Hair Is Going To Be On Fire"

    i thought he shaved his head?
  10. Remix 6

    Hernandez or Gronkowski?

    they compliment each other's game. Hernandez can stretch the field better as hes faster and hes amazing yards after catch with his shiftiness. hes fluid when hes running and can take a short pass a long way. Gronkowski is a better blocker and a bigger target. he gets in better position than...
  11. Remix 6

    The Official Devin McCourty Fan Club Thread

    and getting ty warren back as well on the line..our D will be a lot better next year
  12. Remix 6

    Logan Mankins Greatest Patriots Offensive Guard since John Hannah

    Re: Logan Mankins Greatest Patriots Offensive Guard sine John Hannah we need to sign him. hes too talented and brings a nasty demeanor that we really dont see from our other linemen. hes just one tough SOB and im sure everyone would love to have him here for years to come. give this man a new...
  13. Remix 6

    what if Butler wants another shot at Braylon?

    im still big on butler, hes going to be a good player for us when he gets an opportunity again but i think we'll have arrington against braylon quite a bit because arrington is our most physical corner and we've used him as a press guy whenever we wanted to stop opposing receivers. hes physical...
  14. Remix 6

    NFL week 12 game discussions

    Ellis Hobbs thinking of hanging up the cleats after another neck injury. Just saw it on rotoworld, hope he makes the best decision for himself. Never want to see a player, regardless of skill level, have to stop their dream job because of injury. Best of luck to him
  15. Remix 6

    Revis on Moss again "Randy was putting his foot on the brakes in week 2"

    Re: Revis: Moss put ‘foot on brake’ in Week 2 Revis said he put his foot on the brakes in the 2nd half. Revis didn't play in the second half so Moss was slacking against Cromartie and that was evident..Moss 100% effort kills Cromartie any day of the week
  16. Remix 6

    What about trading AD for Branch?

    wouldnt happen..Washington has 4 very good LBs all younger and better than AD...well Curry isnt better yet but they wouldnt take an overpaid OLB when they invested a top pick and have 1 of the best in LeRoy Hill already
  17. Remix 6

    Darrelle Revis calls Randy Moss a slouch

    i never said they mattered more than anyone else's we can only see so much on TV..we might think its always the same but Revis is the one that lines up in front of him and im sure he's seen Moss go all out and then not at other times. Why would he call him a slouch for no reason? Think Revis...
  18. Remix 6

    Darrelle Revis calls Randy Moss a slouch

    why u guys getting all upset over this? why not just let moss use it as motivation. revis actually goes up against him so he would know better than we do. there is a difference between Moss & guys like Smith/Johnson...they go all out everytime while Moss seems to take it easy from time to time...
  19. Remix 6

    Admit it, we are REBUILDING. But how far from the bottom are we?

    the main guys on defense will still be there assuming we resign wilfork. our defense has been rebuilt last few years with the youth movement but this thread starter is trying to say we are rebuilding completely. the main core of guys are still here
  20. Remix 6

    Admit it, we are REBUILDING. But how far from the bottom are we?

    rebuilding? our offense was the same..the defense added some younger guys and we added talent at the corner position thats not rebuilding. we dont need to rebuild. we need to change our styles. we tried to live off 2007 style but just like the wildcat, teams adapt to it and learn to stop it...