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Sep 27th

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  1. Pape

    The Snow Bowl

    and i think this should be the final word on the tuck rule game... from Walt Coleman himself, in the Belacher Report interview B/R: Does the Tuck Rule come up often in your everyday life? Coleman: Oh yeah. My guess is, as long as Tom Brady is still playing, that particular play is going to...
  2. Pape

    OT: Texans Interested in AB?

    true... but they didn't want to pay him... signed a 2 year 54 million dollar extension, something like 40+/- guaranteed... can probably get AB on the cheap comparatively... albeit for only a half season...
  3. Pape

    The Snow Bowl

    We, the denizens of the south end zone, let the world know it was good... Paid for 12 inches (or less) of frozen aluminum that night, don't think we sat at all... Section 12 row 6 ... Pretty damn good seats ... mike, steve, andy, chip, jamie, victor, victor jr... pretty damn cool bunch of rabble...
  4. Pape

    The Snow Bowl

    i deep fried a turkey in the foxboro stadium parking lot at that game... twas a magical evening
  5. Pape

    Kraft Gets Off

    we all have pre-game rituals... some just involve 65 year old chinese women and hand lotion i guess
  6. Pape

    Patriots Practice Squad and IR Moves Thread

    I am liking the flexability afforded by the new IR rules... its something that the league should consider adopting full time, 2020 onwards...
  7. Pape

    Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did

    Love Tom Brady, always will... But for now, we just happen to be on a little break for a year or two
  8. Pape

    Kraft Gets Off

    Trying too hard. You have to let it come naturally. Maybe give it a little helping hand now and again...
  9. Pape

    OT: Tyrod Taylor punctured lung from painkiller injection

    Maybe Mo Lewis became a doctor after his stint in the NFL
  10. Pape

    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    In re K'neal Harry... Week 2 was better than week 1 ... Which topped any performance he had in 2019 ... Like what I see so far... Could it be better? Sure... But at the very least he's getting better Keep growing and getting better wiwo... That's a positive trend worth supporting...
  11. Pape

    Feelings on the New Uniforms?

    home blues are ok road whites are just fugly
  12. Pape

    Hard to feel good after a loss..

    just 1 more game then he's eligible to return... hope he has healed up
  13. Pape

    New Position --- QB SPY

    Bentley is a linebacker, who will play that role. I'm talking about a player dedicated to the role. Guess its a quibble, but I do feel like there is, or should be, a distinction between the two. I think it could really help, moving forward. .
  14. Pape

    Hard to feel good after a loss..

    No matter what was thrown their way, they never quit. They earned my respect, and then some, last night. This team plays hard, smart football. I am proud of them.
  15. Pape

    New Position --- QB SPY

    The league is really moving towards multi-dimensional qbs... guys who run and throw... some throw better (Wilson) some run better (Jackson) some seem to do everything really well (Mahomes) ... and some who don't do either particularly well but are getting better (Allen etc)... Would it be worth...
  16. Pape

    Condolences to James White/ parents..

    thoughts and prayers... bad situation, hoping his mom recovers
  17. Pape


    WEEK 2 IS HERE! VS THE Seahawks CAN YOU SMELL THE ROASTING SEA PIGEONS???? OH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! even Jaws is rooting for us! and the seahawks be all like LETS GO YOU PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Pape

    I feel like I watched a different game than most of you

    you do realize that he is a troll poster... he made the op and the subsequent posts in order to foment arguments, Think what you want about the people who post here, but dont be so oblivious and naive (or act so holier than though - you just **** on a lot of people) as to think the op was...
  19. Pape

    2021 HoF Nominees

    there might be other restrictions i dont know of... shoot the hall an email... nominate someone and see what happens