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    Ty Law

    Law said that in the offseason and played for BB that following year so I guess he would play for him
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    Who has been to Dolphin Stadium?

    I haven't heard from Wild Bill in a few years Wicked One. I've gone to Patriots games in Miami every year since 2001 and a couple times in the 90's as well. I never had a real problem wearing a Patriots jersey there. They can get pretty obnoxious, but I never felt threatened.
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    Tim Tebow could be the end of

    I hope he goes with teh 1st pick to get him out of the way. Let the circus be in St Louis. won't happen though
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    Pats holding private workout with Tebow

    I wouldn't want the patriots to use any higher than a 4th round pick in which case I think he'll be gome anyway.
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    Why isn't coach's film accessible to fans?

    If they let say Direct TV do it for any game you wanted to see as a replay, I can just imagine what they'd charge for it. You really don't think it'd be free, right?
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    Anyone else giving up their season tickets?

    I love going to games. The crowd, being able to watch the whole field. It's exciting. I left Mass in 1991 and have lived in 5 other states so being a ST holder is out. I go to a game or two a year at Gillette and have actually gone to their away games more than home game. The difference in...
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    Is Bianca Wilfork leading the negotiations???

    If I had talent in an occupation that commanded high pay, I'd go for the big money myself. But most of us don't have any talent in those fields. And supah rich is mor elike Kraft than any player. A million dollars doesn't go as far as it used to
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    Interesting theory about Colts/Saints offenses

    Re: Interesting theory about Colts/Saint offenses I agree the Colts O isn't very complicated. They just execute it very well. Does this O mean Manning isn't so smart afterall?-:) Any O if executed well can work
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    Most depressing Patriot losses of all time

    IMO, how disapointed and depressed you feel after your team loses a game is directly related to how high your expectations were going into that game.
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    NECN: Goodell wants to change the post-season

    If there's an 8-8 division winner and a 10-6 WC team, having the WC team a higher seed would be fine with me. If Goodell is thinking this because of what Dungy and Fisher concocted in that last game of the year, I do wish he'd say that.
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    Upshaw ready for strike if NFL owners opt out of labor agreement

    Bob Kraft is one of the owners who said they were going to opt out. It's my understanding the reason for this is that the owners still can't agree on revenue sharing so they are going to try and take that out on the players.
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    OT: Al Davis drafts resignation letter for Lane Kiffin

    Al should write the resignation letter for himself. His day has past.
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    Any season ticket holders have any luck

    I went to the 2001 SB against the Rams but bought the tix there, luckily at face value which was $400 that year. I'm not a season ticket holder, but know many and none have hit the lottery. It was a great exeperience to go and see my team win the game. I doubt I ever get the chance again. I...
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    How will Josh get Moss open?

    As BB says himself, and does to opposing teams best player(s), if a team wants to take a player away, they can do that. Bit of course what it does is leave other players to make plays. The Patriots have more players that can take advantage of this than any other team, including the Giants...
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    for the 'old' Pats Fans

    I'm 58 and been a Patriots fan since thier start. I had serious doubts I'd ever see a Patriots championship. Or Red Sox either for that matter. Little did I know that all I had to do was wait for the next century.
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    Uh-oh. NOW I'm a little worried Tedy might retire.

    Players are going to come and go every year. I've gotten used to it. I don't know that antbody is leaving because I don't know what's in the mind of others. But it's possible there'll be some new starters next year in a number of spots.
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    Official Brady Foot Thread

    Re: Just saw a picture of Brady in N.Y with a cast boot on his foot. Would you have the same prognosis if the flowers were in the right hand and the luggage in the left?
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    Official Brady Foot Thread

    Re: Brady's Foot - what 2+2 = for me I posted in the game thread I didn't think he was getting his feet set properly even when he had time and room to do so. I didn't know he had a foot problem and I have no idea when it may have happened. Maybe Rivers wasn't the only courageous player out there.
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    Eli Manning: "We know what it takes to beat the Patriots"

    They way to beat the Patriots is to score more points than they do. Doing that isn't easy and hasn't happened yet this year. And I don't see the Gints doing it.
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    NFC Championship Game Thread (The Giants WIN The Giants WIN!!!)

    The Giants will have a lot of confidence going into the SB after the last game with them. They may just be the best NFC opponent the way thier currently playing. But, IMO, the Patriots are the best team in football and will win the game.