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  1. Murphys95

    OT: Skins' LB London Fletcher's eye-popping postgame comments

    Watched all the post-game press conferences for that game, and agree with DTF, Fletcher's remarks stood out. Looking ahead to beating Dallas when you haven't even won the game at hand...that ain't 60 minute football. The only other thing that stood out from the post-game is that it is...
  2. Murphys95

    Media Spin: Jags are Battle Tested

    Of course it helps that Pittsburgh's James Harrison was held on that play. Garrard's "play of the game" has been replayed so many times, and the hold is so blatantly obvious (from the end zone cam), it's uncanny that no pundit has commented on it yet. Player's get away with holding all...
  3. Murphys95

    OT: My disgust with the sports store in the Holyoke Mall

    Ahh, the Holyoke Mall. Snuck in to see Fast Times at Ridgemont High there when I was 14. Are the theaters even there any more?
  4. Murphys95

    Why is Adam Vinatieri Mr. Clutch?

    The important aspect missing from those listed...they were all in the playoffs and Super Bowl. Every one of them was a high-pressure kick. It's the moment that makes the man, and every one of those kicks were made on the grand stage. I don't think it's unreasonable to say that Vinatieri is...
  5. Murphys95

    Green Bay Running Up the Score - :D

    FYI....leading 27-0 with 5:38 remaining in the game, Favre throws a 17 yard TD pass. 34-0 Packers. Oh, and Favre was 4 for 4 on that 4th quarter drive, which included a 37 yard bomb.
  6. Murphys95

    How Far This Franchise Has Come

    Aw man, the dreaded blackout. Seemed like it happened all the time. I used to go to the games with my dad in the 70's and 80's. Anybody remember this stuff about Schaefer/Sullivan.... *No cheerleaders for about two years during the early 80's (I think it was '82-'83). For at least one of...
  7. Murphys95

    My Visit to Murphy's (warning: long post)

    Hey 1962 & Biffman, here's a pic that might jog your memory... 2003 Pats @ Skins - awesome tailgate, shame about the game. FYI, for those wondering, the upstairs to the pub typically opens 1 hour prior to game time (even for 4:15 starts). Been going to Murphy's myself since 1995 (hence...
  8. Murphys95

    Places to watch game in DC area? Thanks. New England Patriots: Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub, 713 King St., Alexandria; 703-548-1717; Advertised as “the best Pats bar on the planet,” Murphy’s in Old Town doesn’t disappoint...
  9. Murphys95

    OT: What to do about synching radio and TV...

    I match 'em up every week by using a DVR and Sirius Radio. Sirius is behind (delayed) regular tv, so I simply pause live tv until it's synchronized with the radio broadcast (admittedly it takes a few tries to get it perfect, but it's very easy). That's the only solution I know for matching up...
  10. Murphys95

    Just So We Are Perfectly Clear: Sideline Video was NOT ANALYZED During Games

    This specific sentence can be found in multiple articles on the web. Belichick reiterated it in his statement. "no impact on the game" I'm sure this will remain the biggest point of contention for those who believe the Patriots utilized film during a game. The Eagles would have no beef...
  11. Murphys95

    Salisbury: "Even if all the Jets players were on steroids...

    An important note to SportsCenter's coverage - on the segment leading up to Salisbury, they spot-shadowed the same video guy on the Jets sideline, the same picture that's been all over this board since yesterday - insinuating that he was the culprit. Lots of opinions and reports floating...
  12. Murphys95

    Mark Schlereth should be GONE off the air for his reporting [merged]

    More perspective from last season....
  13. Murphys95

    The Damage is done...

    Sean - I totally agee. No matter the outcome...the result will be the same.
  14. Murphys95

    OT: Record attendance at Colts Camp - Funny

    Re: O.T. Record attendance at Colts Camp - Funny Hey, remember - it wasn't too long ago that 1700 fans in attendence at Bryant College would have been a record.
  15. Murphys95

    Good news on Scott?

    Just for the record, Belichick said it during an interview on Sirius NFL Radio today; and like others have already mentioned, I would take his response that Scott is "day to day" simply as coach speak. In other words - there's no way we can read into it one way or another.
  16. Murphys95

    Stanley Morgan

    Aw yeah - That game was one of the best ever. Final score 34-27. That was one gutsy, phenomenal finish. You said, those were the days.
  17. Murphys95

    Tomase on Moss - background story

    Re: Thomasse on Moss - background story Thomase wrote - "He passed the SAT on his first try" Maybe I'm getting along in years here, but since when did the SAT become a pass/fail test?
  18. Murphys95

    Interview with TE David Thomas (New Show)

    Hey all - thought you might be interested in our latest show. We were very fortunate to interview Patriots Tight-End David Thomas. He is a very nice guy, and offers up some great responses. Below is the blurb from our web page.
  19. Murphys95

    Patriots Memories: Your First Patriots Game

    Right with ya Sean - 1978. November 12, 1978 to be exact. I was just a kid; my dad and I took a charter bus from Springfield to Schaefer Stadium. The 8-2 Pats took on the 6-4 Oilers. It was a turnover, slopfest but the Pats jumped out to an early 23-0 lead on Bum Phillip's team. The...
  20. Murphys95

    Latest Show Online

    Here's the latest broadcast. Thanks to all of our loyal listeners. If you haven't listened, give it a try - it's entirely produced and hosted by Patriots fans.