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  1. p8ryts

    Pats @ Seahawks Discussion

    I expect Bill to deploy 11 DB's on defense along with 5 receiving options on offense.
  2. p8ryts

    Idle thoughts: the "so far so good" edition

    It was as good an opening as you could hope for with the existing parameters. Team discipline was outstanding. Coaching excellent. Execution very good. Clearly Cam can't run as often as he did but the film is out there and teams will have to be ready for it and its there when you need it. I...
  3. p8ryts

    Happy Bday Patriots

    Congratulations. You have me by a year. Living in Massachusetts in 60 but when I moved to DC in 62, I started following them, I guess as a connection with home. We've seen some bad football in our time, but we always hoped and were eventually rewarded. Probably no one more shocked than we were.
  4. p8ryts

    The Replaceables

    I couldn't post this in the Rohrwasser thread so I'll put it here. I hope he turns out to be Vinatieri part 2. I was ready to cut him after missing a kick in KC.
  5. p8ryts

    It Is Belichick Time

    Well it's good to see our posters are in mid season form. The team is a basic unknown. Nobody has really seen them play a meaningful down. We swapped out QBs, one had turned surly and pouty for one that is energized and just may possess some talent. We may or may not be improved at TE. I...
  6. p8ryts

    Quality of football

    It's football, quality will be what it is. Just happy to have it.
  7. p8ryts

    PatsPicker - 2020 Roster Prediction Tool

    QB (3) C.Newton, J.Stidham, B.Hoyer RB (6) J.White, S.Michel, R.Burkhead, L.Miller, J.Johnson, D.Harris WR (6) J.Edelman, D.Byrd, M.Slater, G.Olszewski, D.Ross, N.Harry TE (3) D.Asiasi, J.Burt, D.Keene C (1) D.Andrews G (4) S.Mason, J.Thuney, M.Onwenu, H.Froholdt T (4) I.Wynn, J.Eluemunor...
  8. p8ryts

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Pats Camp Day 1 - Pads & Media Access

    I never understand the interest in a practice set list?
  9. p8ryts

    The OL

    Still nervous about Froholdt's penchant for holding in his brief appearances last year. Interested to see what Gauthier brings to C position as I liked him at tackle last pre season
  10. p8ryts

    The OL

    Yes, Ruiz was my choice, didn't happen.
  11. p8ryts

    The OL

    Cannon better than average right tackle, had to play with injuries to often. I saw him as a cap casualty this year. Will always think of him as one of the better Patriot right tackles.
  12. p8ryts

    The OL

    It was interesting that when Gauthier was resigned they referenced him as a center. I remember him as a tackle in the preseason and thought he had some potential. Wish we had preseason games to watch the rookies and backups. I always enjoyed them but of course I wasn't paying a big ticket...
  13. p8ryts

    Lifelong Panthers fan AMA (ask me anything) Cam Edition

    How is he accuracy wise between the hashes? I love Cam's deep ball. I remember a game in Seattle, he brought them back with an amazing pass to Olsen. I'm looking forward to change at QB. Brady was great but he lost me the last couple of years so I think Cam, if healthy, can rejuvenate the Pats.
  14. p8ryts

    Just a quick thought

    If the Pats aren't going to pay Thuney market price they won't pay Yannick either, so you lose one either way. Williams has potential but is inconsistent and will want big bucks also. How about Mike Daniels and Jabaal Sheard?
  15. p8ryts

    Just a quick thought

    Agree about keeping Thuney. Quality of pass rush remains to be determined. Expect Wise to be released along with Derek Rivers. Shilique Calhoun looked good in pre season but seemed to disappear in season. I was disappointed in his play. I'm a big Simon fan. Winovich and Uche could be a...
  16. p8ryts

    Snacks Harrison in Foxboro?

    He didn't like the Patriots way in Detroit so I don't think he would like how he would be used here.
  17. p8ryts

    Snacks Harrison in Foxboro?

    Doesn't look big enough to be Snacks
  18. p8ryts

    GOAT QB discussions must include Johnny U.

    That's how Brady and Unitas get to be GOAT candidates. Let he other team get ahead and be heroic by coming from behind.
  19. p8ryts

    GOAT QB discussions must include Johnny U.

    Rod Smith was one of the best receivers I have seen. Never got the acclaim he deserved because of Elway, Sharpe and the HOF running back I can't remember.