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Sep 20th

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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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  1. Elijah

    Patriots Practice Squad and IR Moves Thread

    Do you think Ferentz is worthy of a practice squad spot? I know we're talking about the least consequential part of a roster but there's absolutely no redeeming qualities to this particular player. He's one of the worst offensive linemen I've ever seen play in the NFL and is 31 years old. If his...
  2. Elijah

    Pats/Fins Rewatch

    I don't think we want to see our top 2 safeties playing every single snap so it will be important to get Williams and/or Dugger involved in the rotation.
  3. Elijah

    Pats/Fins Rewatch

    That's pretty much the Chung role, which is what I was hoping he would do even before Chung opted out.
  4. Elijah

    J.J. Taylor - Anyone else impressed by him?

    Big time. Agree with those who compare him to Lewis. He runs much harder than someone my height should be able to.
  5. Elijah

    Semi-OT: What is the most unwatchable type of football game?

    I agree, I hate when they force politics down our throat with flyovers and jingoism.
  6. Elijah

    So if that's what's on tape now, what does the Offense add next week for Seattle?

    Don't forget how much we used a 6th OL against MIA. We seem to always include a healthy dose of that whenever we have the appropriate personnel (rookie Solder, Cam Fleming) regardless of what system we run. It seems Bill likes Onwenu in that role.
  7. Elijah

    Kicker thread

    It's too early in the season to play that game. For all we know, the Broncos will be closer to us in the standings than the Titans.
  8. Elijah

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    My guess is it was more about matchups than "saving" anyone. I don't see a lot of separation in quality among our edge players, so I'd expect to see some guys be inactive one week and starting the next based on the opponent.
  9. Elijah

    Jarrett Stidham

    The early reports were all over the place and mostly depended on who you were reading at the time. It seemed like nobody was standing out in any way, then Stidham got hurt and Cam took over commandingly.
  10. Elijah

    Who the heck are our linebackers?

    Yes, it wouldn't be a new development though. Pretty standard in sub packages, at least since some point last decade. Mark Barron and Deone Bucannon were early, prominent examples of this. We used Chung a lot in that manner.
  11. Elijah

    Joejuan Williams moving to safety

    I would never take Dez over McCourty, but we didn't take the second coming of DMac over Metcalf. We took Harry. I can't claim to have been right about this all along though--I absolutely hated Metcalf as a prospect.
  12. Elijah

    Kicker thread

    Gost missed a game winner against Arizona in 2012.
  13. Elijah

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    This 100000x. Arians has a long, storied history of throwing his players under the bus. What he said about Brady's picks today is probably factually correct, but it's the kind of talk that should only happen during private film study.
  14. Elijah

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Dolphins!!!!

    I actually thought his power on the first reception was decent. Didn't he get the 1st down? Maybe I'm misremembering.
  15. Elijah

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week One NFL Games Discussion

    Everyone complaining about "running up the score": have you completely forgotten the years we had a crazy good offense?
  16. Elijah

    Who the heck are our linebackers?

    Joejuan is a S/CB, not sure why he's listed with the others. It seems our plan is to use edge defenders as linebackers.
  17. Elijah

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    I'm not gonna declare Harry a bust yet but he's not trending in the right direction.
  18. Elijah

    Idle thoughts - as we enter this very strange season

    You seem to be under the impression that Cajuste is a better player than Eluemunor, but all the reports from camp this year I've read indicate that Eluemunor took command of the starting RT position pretty quickly and decisively while Cajuste looked shaky. Personally, I think Eluemunor is going...