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Sep 20th

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  1. Patjew

    @Kontra and others, I love you and always thought you were full of BS about posts being deleted...

    ... and now mine were too. I’m out. It was a blast. Love to you all.
  2. Patjew

    1985 AFCDG WTF... DS??

    2:16:32... that kind of freaked me out TBH. What amazing longevity!! Edited because I am an idiot. Here is the moment.
  3. Patjew

    Do we want the Titans to win or lose this game?

    I instinctively always root for the NFC vs AFC in regular season games (other than the Pats of course), though I’m thinking there could be some scenarios where it’s better for us for TN to win this game. Please educate me.
  4. Patjew

    Way OT: Dave Meggett jersey

    At the game on Sunday I saw a guy wearing an old, well worn Dave Meggett jersey. Other than an Aaron Hernandez jersey, I cannot think of a jersey I would be less inclined to wear. If this thread gets moved or deleted I will understand.
  5. Patjew

    Garoppolo and Gronk... who cares??

    OK, I do. I care a lot. But what I really want to know is if Hightower will be playing. To me this is a game that the D can/must win, and DT is KEY to that. I feel like his potential absence/presence is not being discussed enough. Anyhoo, we'll see soon enough. (PS- I never PM'd Kontra no...
  6. Patjew

    Parallels With The 2004 Season

    I mentioned this last night and then TommyBrady12 expanded upon it, and now I've expanded on that. I know it's not really meaningful, but I think it's still fun to think about: In 2004: -Pats are the defending SB champs -forced to deal with significant injuries (Ty Law and Poole out, Seymour...
  7. Patjew

    Is this Joker?

    I Love This Pats Fan Giving Ray Lewis the Business
  8. Patjew

    Dallas Game - who's going?

    I'm planning on being there and would love to get some free drinks from my Patsfans friends!
  9. Patjew

    These playoffs feel like 2003... I hope

    Pats beat a very tough (Ravens-ish?) Titans in the div game, then a soft Colts team (similar to Denver now? Especially at QB!), then a very physically tough Carolina team in the SB... like Seattle? A tough but imperfect 2003 Pats team took on all comers and proved tougher than all in the end...
  10. Patjew

    Pats fan club/gathering in Denver

    I'm sending the old man to Denver this weekend as a Hanukkah/Birthday gift. He's stoked! Does anyone know if there will be any sort of gathering of Pats fans in Denver Saturday night or Sunday before the game? (Maybe this is the wrong forum for this?)
  11. Patjew

    Plan for the next 30 hours

    I fear it's going to be a little lonely around here the next day and a half. I heard there's some holiday or parade or something going on in the gentile community this Wednesday. Wednesday Day? So what say all of my fellow tribe members meet up at the movies (we own the industry, after all)...
  12. Patjew

    I really miss WWW

    That was hard for me to watch Welker on the Broncos last night. I was kind of rooting for and against him at the same time.
  13. Patjew

    This can't be it for wide receivers, right?

    Right?? And I should mention that Gaffney was my favorite offseason signing and Branch is one my top-5 current Pats. A fake re-signing must be coming momentarily. Right??
  14. Patjew

    Some personal news

    Hi Everyone. I don't know why I am posting this here but it feels right and Ian said it's OK. This place is kind of like another family to me. My wife passed away on Tuesday night in Boston. She was 36. We have 3 kids, 14, 12, and 8 years old. We're all very devastated, of course. But...
  15. Patjew

    What did Revis just call BB on Espn?

    Was it "dirt"? It was a segment on Espn with Gronk and Revis being interviewed and then they did a word association thing. I'm in a hotel bar so I couldn't quite hear what was said but Gronk was shocked. Did anyone see it? (My first post since that awesome trip I took to Indy several weeks ago.)
  16. Patjew

    Am I the only one still nervous about yesterday's game?

    Every time I see a replay I expect Evans to catch that ball.
  17. Patjew

    Today's practice absentees - not great.

    No Edelman, Woodhead, Hernandez, Mayo, Vollmer, Haynesworth and Wright. I was really hoping to see Hernandez, Vollmer, and Haynesworth there. Hopefully they will be tomorrow. At least Bodden and Dowling are there.
  18. Patjew

    A Hernandez

    God I hope he plays this Sunday.
  19. Patjew

    Paging Mark Morse

    Someone is looking for you.