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    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    I have been doing my homework on this years crop of qbs and I have to say that I really like trey lance as possibly qb 2. But it’s definitely neck and neck between he and Justin fields. I’m starting to do my homework on fields and want to see if my rankings change afterwards. I’ve been holding...
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    I’ve seen a few that had us mostly in the 20s and even at 28. I guess there is some high hopes for us still lol.
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    2021 Mock Drafts

    Not at all. I haven’t been able to really start looking at prospects that early but I’m going to do it this year.
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    Who do the Pats select with the 23rd overall pick?

    I sure hope that we don’t take a qb early this year and I would hate to give up a pick next year for any of the qbs this year. I’m hoping we use this draft to fill as many of the holes that we possibly can. If stidham doesn’t show signs of being our franchise qb then we should be in decent...
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    BGC 2020 WR'S/PTP Thread

    It makes sense for sure but I’m thinking if they have to pick at 23 then they try to replenish the defense side of the ball.
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    Who Would Trade For Love?

    I’m going to have to agree. I think we see what we have with Stidham this year. I think keeping Gilmore and Thuney ( hopefully after an extension) is putting the best team around stidham and gives us the best idea of what we have with him. And worst case scenario we have a higher pick in another...
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    Wilfork#75's Post Brady Mock Draft

    Yea I have to agree with you. I think the offense is going to be heavy run and let stidham pick his spots with throws down field.
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    BGC 2020 WR'S/PTP Thread

    I love his speed but I’m a little worried about his size when it comes to defenses getting physical with him. We know he can fly down the field but if teams press him I’m not sure if he’ll be able to get free to even do anything. Kind of like Phillip Dorsett was for us, very fast player but...
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    Thrive&Tank Vs. FutureNow

    I couldn’t agree more with your post. I don’t see BB going out and tanking either. My thinking is BB can use these next two drafts to replenish this roster with youth. If Jarret stidham doesn’t have a good showing this year and we end up with a higher pick in next years draft then we can either...
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    BGC 2020 QB/PTP Thread

    I think Herbert has the higher ceiling if he’s put into the right situation. If he’s expected to come in day one and succeed I think that team would be setting him up for failure. But if he can be groomed and brought along slowly he should be fine. But I am very high on stidham as well. I think...
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    BGC 2020 QB/PTP Thread

    I think as long as Herbert isn’t just thrown into the fire from day one he’ll be a great player. I think sitting behind a vet like Ryan Fitzpatrick will go a long way for his development. As for us, I wouldn’t think about taking qb with our pick. I think the picks can be used to set the table...
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    Patriots Draft Wishlist

    I agree. I would love to get Bowden. I think out of everyone in this draft he could be a true replacement for Edelman.
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    So let’s talk about the good remaining qualities of this team.

    I think the team should go about it kind of like Dallas did for dak Prescott. Give Stidham a good o-line and a dependable running game and see what he can do with what we have. I think the defense is going to need some retooling though because as it looks now they don’t look like they can keep...
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    So let’s talk about the good remaining qualities of this team.

    I may be in the minority here but I’m not too worried about this team. Maybe I’m putting a lot of faith into BB but if there is a coach to trust with the rebuild or reload of this team I think he’s earned it. Anyway I believe this draft and the next draft may be the draft we use to really set...
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    Drafting a Kicker

    I’m definitely not upset about it. It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t trust the kicker at anytime they need three. Especially with it being a year we don’t look like contenders. I have to start watching the kickers this year though which is new for me.
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    2020 mock drafts: what the pundits think

    I’m hoping Stidham can be the guy for us but if not I’m ok ending up at the top of the draft for next year to be in a position to take Trevor Lawrence, Justin fields, or just a Cornerstone player from picking that high. With all the compensatory picks we can have this year and possibly next, I...
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    BGC 2020 WR'S/PTP Thread

    I really like him a lot. But where do you see him playing? I like the idea of him playing at tight end because at that size and speed he’s going to be a hard cover. But at the same time it’s a new position for him. I’m a big fan though.
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    BGC 2020 S/PTP Thread

    Im not too fond of him. For some reason he reminds me of Calvin Pryor out of Louisville from a few years ago. Delpit goes for the knockout hit Instead of just making the sure tackle, which will drive me nuts seeing in the NFL players bouncing off and getting bigger gains. I’m also not too sure...
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    Senior Bowl

    Yea I agree. I also believe Stidham was in a similar situation as love in his final year. Auburn was a complete mess that year and he really wasn’t helped at all that season.
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    BGC 2020 WR'S/PTP Thread

    Call me a prisoner of the moment but with K.J. Hill tearing up the combine I really am hoping for him to be one of our picks. The guys route running is ridiculous and I think he can contribute early because of it.