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    Posey gets his ring

    As a season ticket holder I felt I needed a break also...lot of games in a row...HAHAHA. I am looking forward to seeing Posey get his ring. He should get a great reception.
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    because I said my mother would have responded.
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    Gino throwback jerseys

    I cannot agree more. As soon as I saw it, I bought it.
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    MMA: Lesnar vs. Couture

    Just as a side bar...the Florian fight was short but great. I always underestimate Florian. I thought Stephenson would be stronger and take out Florian. Florian's feet are fast and his ground game is strong.
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    MMA: Lesnar vs. Couture

    Mir is an experienced guy but he's had some difficulties coming back from serious injuries sustained in that accident. Prior to the accident, Mir was one of the most dominate fighters I've seen.
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    MMA: Lesnar vs. Couture

    After watching last night's fight, Lesnar definitely has the skill to be in the fight. I still question whether or not he earned the opportunity going throught the UFC ranks...but it is all about the business aspect of the game. Let me add...I was surprised at how long Lesnar's reach...
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    Lomardi says the Patriots have to franchise Cassel

    Re: Lomardi say the Patriots have to Franchise Cassel So the Patriots are going to pay a back up QB over 10 million which will be the cost if they franchise him? The only way they do it is if they know for certain that Brady will be unable to play next year.
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    Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture in UFC Fight...Patriots connection

    Re: Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture in UFC Fight .. Patriots connection And check out the Kenny Florian clip...great fight..not a Patriot connection but Florian fights out of Sityodong in Somerville.
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    Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture in UFC Fight...Patriots connection

    Re: Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture in UFC Fight .. Patriots connection Lesnar grabbed the fence twice and was warned by the ref...that is typically what happens in MMA. Randy took a hit to the temple adn was then pounded...I don't think Randy was recovering at all from the pounding...the...
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    Blockbuster Trade: Denver-Detroit

    On Sports Center this morning they said that the Nuggets will release McDyess and he will re-sign with the Pistons as a free agent.
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    J.R Giddens

    Last night he was sitting on the bench in street clothes..not sure what the plans are for him. Before the start of the season there was some talk of him being sent to the D-League so he could get some playing time but hasn't happened yet.
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    Stephen Gostkowski Q&A, 10/29

    Excellent Chris. I love hearing different perspective and we very rarely hear from the kicker.
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    Visting Boston - possible first Celtics home game

    If you are interested in balconey seats, I may be able to help you out.
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    Beer and the drinking thereof.

    Any recommendations for a good seasonal beer? How about your best pumpkin or autumn ale?
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    What jersey do you own?

    I have been looking for a "girl" Mayo shirt...having no luck at all. Something tells me it will be awhile before we see that one.
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    What jersey do you own?

    The only shirt I have ever owned is a blue Harrison. However, yesterday I went to the Pats website looking for a Mayo shirt. What did the Pats finally have? Right before my eyes was a throw back Stanley Morgan shirt. Took me all of 5 seconds to buy it. I spend more than I should have but I...
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    Darius Miles signed by Celtics

    When Darius was playing with the third squad at the Celtics open practice, I did not think he was long with this team.
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    Nice article on Jerod Mayo's progress

    Great article. I have thought the kid had great potential since TC. This article adds to my belief that he will be a star. Not only does he have the ability, he has the mind set.
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    Seating Advice

    I tend to prefer the corner seats in the balconey to the middle balconey seats but that is a personal preference. If you are willing to spend 100 and get seats closer...even in the corners I would definitely go that route.