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Sep 20th

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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
OT: A Note About Gwedd
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  1. scout

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    My take was the coach calling out a player (the coach gets it wrong). I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. BB has his faults, but I don't remember him ever calling out a player.
  2. scout

    BB's mother passed...

    RIP Mrs. B.
  3. scout

    a Cam - Tebow connection?????

    I read your post this morning and just saw Florio with the same comment. Was curious if it came from PFT or coincidence. NFL Rumors: Cam Newton-led Patriots could run 'scary' Tim Tebow-style offense
  4. scout

    School a Youngster: What Made John Hannah So Good?

    Hard to block for a QB who wore a skirt and keep your mouth shut. Hannah will always go down as a Patriot great.
  5. scout

    Carl Garrett passes away

    RIP. Remember he was traded to Dallas. That didn't last long. Yes, Farmer had it right, as he was one of the few bright spots.
  6. scout

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 4

    'Doesn't it seem like there is one player on injured reserve that you think "when he hits the field...." and then ends up getting cut.
  7. scout

    Morning vs Night People

    Keeping a normal sleep schedule 7 days a week is healthier.
  8. scout

    ANNOUNCEMENT OT: A Note About Gwedd

    Courage and perseverance. What are things you have witnessed. Wish you the best, be strong.
  9. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    Sleep is huge! Society applauds politicians, doctors, soldiers, etc. who work through sleep and the results are horrific. You can never catch up on sleep as sleeping in later doesn't count. The recommendation is going to bed and waking routinely. I find that is a problem with company. The goal...
  10. scout

    Does Anyone Give A SH!T About This Season?

    I think the clock is ticking on MLB.
  11. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    Back in the day, I remember smoking weed and going to sleep. I hardly smoke anymore. Although, today's weed energies me. Great for long road trips!
  12. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    Sleep is more important than nutrition and exercise combined. It's also something that can't be controlled. This fact that echos in my mind. There are more accidents and heart attacks during daylight savings time (when the clock is turned back) than any other time. I give my kids the information...
  13. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    Exercise, sleep and nutrition are ingredients for a long and healthy life. Exercise is immaterial in the case of weight. A reference is a fist represents how much protein you should eat, a softball for vegetables and a tennis ball for fruit. Although, I tend not to worry about fruits and...
  14. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    Years ago I was in a masters program and he ranted and raved about school lunch. I tied his verbiage into a social media assignment I was working on. One of his crusades were that schools used micro-waves. I have been in hundreds of schools and been to numerous food shows where vendors hawk...
  15. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    He might be right. Although, I would not take his word on anything. He stated lies regarding school lunch. I have been in the industry for decades and he committed outright lies. I would believe Trump's dialogue before his word.
  16. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    If it does not have nutritional qualities then why are you eating/drinking it. Don't eat processed foods (typically in freezer) and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grains and less than 2% fat free milk. If you eat chocolate, then eat dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.
  17. scout

    Don't Panic, Go Organic

    I try to buy organic, but sometimes have to buy regular ($). Staple of shopping is organic milk, whole grain versus wheat and pay attention to the oils.
  18. scout

    Presidential Debate Question

    I think we need to research term limits. This might be a knee jerk reaction as we would suffer without some members while obviously some need to go. We would have been without John Lewis if term limits were in effect years ago. Would an elected congressperson need to sit out one term? We have...