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  1. AQPE

    2021 HoF Nominees

    My predictions, based on the assumption that they'll elect 5 players and one "contributor." • I agree that Manning and Woodson are locks. • I think Seymour has a great chance, as a finalist last year, I think there will be some sentiment that a team that won championships in 3 of 4 years...
  2. AQPE

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week One NFL Games Discussion

    Brady’s last pass for the Patriots went for a TD :D
  3. AQPE

    Boomer Esiason Down On 2020 Patriots, Believes Cam Newton Is Bad Fit

    Also when you can, listen to him on WFAN, I am in the NYC area on a regular basis and his takes on the Pats seem a little different down there than on WEEI. So I was being snarky, it's what I go for most of the time on this forum :) ... but actually I like Boomer, in fact I liked him coming...
  4. AQPE

    Boomer Esiason Down On 2020 Patriots, Believes Cam Newton Is Bad Fit

    Remember where he grew up, finished his career, and works now
  5. AQPE

    Training Camp - Around The League ...

    This year’s rookie WR class seems like it could be monumental. Good thing the Pats are already stacked at that position. <insert bricks emoji here>
  6. AQPE

    Joejuan Williams moving to safety

    It wouldn’t be a Patriots second round if a safety wasn’t selected ...
  7. AQPE

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 10

    Paging Captain Stone: Who are the top 3 guys that should have been taken (in this year's draft) instead of the kicker? He's about to get the bus ticket and the apple FFS
  8. AQPE

    Training Camp - Around The League ...

    Mid-season form!! :haha:
  9. AQPE

    Training Camp - Around The League ...

    Captain Stone was a big proponent of Aiyuk ... wouldn’t have been a bad pick at all ...
  10. AQPE

    The Official Patriots Opt Out Thread

    Respect to all these guys for making what is undoubtedly a very difficult decision, good for them that they've done well enough in their careers to take the financial hit. If there is a season at all now, the plus of this is that it will give some other guys a chance to fulfill their dreams of...
  11. AQPE

    OT: Washington officially "football team formerly known as the Redskins"

    I'm with The Boston Patriot above, I don't hate it and in fact I kind of like it. Given the amount of agitation about nicknames at this point, I'm finding myself gravitating towards believing its better to simply forgo nicknames. Isn't that what is done in Europe, for example, for professional...
  12. AQPE

    OT: Chris Jones promises at least 5 rings for the Chiefs

    Given his personal history, Tyreek Hill doesn't seem like a good bet to stay for another 5 years at the level he's been at the last 3 years. Kelce is another one who my gut tells me will have a tough time maintaining his current level of play. Add to that the typical cycle of next-tier guys...
  13. AQPE

    OT: Washington's New Team Name

    Warriors will probably not mollify the wokesters (see Marquette University, for example), and even Red Tails as an homage to the Tuskeegee Airmen could result in unintended problems. Thus, Red Wolves seems the best political solution for them, and allows them to keep that egregious color scheme...
  14. AQPE

    NEW ARTICLE: Julian Edelman Responds To DeSean Jackson's Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts...

    Oh gee, ya got me there. There's a little difference, though, between some jackass like Riley Cooper and now multiple dbags endorsing Hitler and Calypso Louis, amirite?
  15. AQPE

    NEW ARTICLE: Julian Edelman Responds To DeSean Jackson's Anti-Semitic Social Media Posts...

    This says so much about Lurie, a world-class fraud who grew up a rich prick in Chestnut Hill from Mom and Dad's tons of General Cinema money, f’ed around in Hollywood for a while with as much success as when Kramer went there, declared failure finally and used the family money to buy the Iggles...
  16. AQPE

    GOAT QB discussions must include Johnny U.

    The last time this came up on this forum, there was a bit more sentiment for Sammy Baugh, so I’ll throw his name in there again, echoing the Captain. I think most of us would agree that the further back you go, the less possible it is to fairly compare; hey the football itself has changed a...
  17. AQPE

    OT: Washington's New Team Name

    The way things are going lately, they may need to change the "Washington" also ... :rolleyes:
  18. AQPE

    USENET & Patriots Mailing List, Off Season Ancient Memories

    Who knew? I thought I went back a good amount of time, but it was to the Rivals forum days. Just curious: when did Mr. Newsletter (you know who I mean) find his way here?
  19. AQPE

    Spygate 2 penalties announced.

    Was there a single person anywhere that doubted that the Clown College of Park Avenue would apply the usual double standards to the Pats? The idea that they may actually give an entire segment of their dwindling fan base another reason to “Walk Away” almost certainly never occurred to them; no...
  20. AQPE

    OT: Am I the only one who doesn't miss sports?

    Very interesting to me to see how much general apathy about sports has been expressed on this thread. I see it as an outgrowth of a larger trend many of us are on in general relative to our entertainment and information. For me the interest in sports has been strong for as long as I can...