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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    I remember being livid after the Sanu trade. I called it probably the worst trade by BB and that Sanu may not even be on the 2020 roster. I received about a dozen, dislikes if not more, for that post. I want my likes back (LOL). I should find that post and bump it. Anywasy, the Robinson trade...
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    Go get him Bill

    I'm going to leave it to BB to make that distinction..
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    Go get him Bill

    So BB just drafted 2 TE's with 3rd round picks and now he's going to give up a high pick and big money for another TE (though a very good one)? I don't see it happening unless BB knows Asiasi and Keene aren't that great. Even then it's not really his m.o.
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    Biggest Surprise Player(s) for the Patriots in 2020 - Who Will It Be?

    I've never been more confident (not that it matters). There will be some early growing pains but out. If he bombs I will be super surprised.
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    NFL Roster Cuts

    To be fair Sidney Jones had an achilles injury in college. Was considered mid 1st round talent before injury. Never got back fully healthy after other issues as well. Like Jaylon Smith, someone was going to take a shot on Jones in the 2nd or 3rd.
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    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 4

    Jeff Thomas looks like he could blow by people in a heartbeat.
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    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 4

    Sounds like Byrd is looking the part as far his speed showing up on the field. When is the last time we had someone who could stretch it like that? Moss? 4.3 is hard to find...even harder if the 4.3 actually runs like it (ahem, Dorsett, or doesn't).
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    Draftpick Woodard retires...

    He signed a contract (4-years) and got a signing bonus ($100k or so). It qualifies as a retirement, I believe. He showed up and shipped out.
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    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    Go look at the body cam of the Floyd arrest that wasn't released to the public until a week or so ago. Check his autopsy results. He had so much fentanyl in his system that he could have OD'd in a short time. Check the symptoms of the drug, seriously...he was saying I can't breathe when the cops...
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    Hard Knocks Ratings Way Down

    Yeah, I can't even watch the NBA anymore. I'll watch the C's but only on the home network and NEVER before tip-off. It's too much and too hypocritical by the NBA with their China ties/ownership. Back to football. I think fans will also tune out if players kneel during the anthem before every...
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    NBC layoffs - Media discussion

    Totally agree. He must have made the cut by default. They didn't have anyone else covering the Sox (no point anyways this year, they sux) so they had to keep Jabba the Hut. Ugh, such a disgusting fat bastard.
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    Snacks Harrison in Foxboro?

    Why is he, if rumor is true, in Foxboro? Looking for a DL coaching job? (not trying to be snarky, if it comes off that way..legit question)
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    Would you TANK for Lawrence?

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    Would you TANK for Lawrence?

    Was the RLKAG emoji taken down because of what is going on in the country?
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    Jeff Thomas

    What are you saying, we only keep 4 or 6 + Slater? No way they keep only 4. Not in this day and age.
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    NFL.COM Patriots set to collapse, One of worst 3 teams in the league

    So if everything breaks just "right" we're going to be lucky to beat the Raiders, Broncos, Cardinals, Jets and Miami at home and then lose every single road game? Gotcha. As their headlines reads...
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    Game Thread: Brady vs Manning Golf

    Why didn't anyone start a "Sunday Night Riots: Game Day Thread" for last night? Who didn't see it coming, raise your hand? Such a disgrace. And now I heard there are two more protests scheduled for today and tomorrow? Get your guns, errr, popcorn ready.
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    Devin Mccourty’s baby died

    It's always sad to hear this type of stuff. Condolences go out to his family.
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    Chung signed to 2 year extension. I’m confused.

    As many times the Pats play 3 safeties and the fact that Davis is ST guy, it's safe to assume BB will carry 6 safeties. I wouldn't be shocked if JoeJuan gets time at safety, like McCourty. Not saying it will happen. If I had to predict I'd say the stays at CB. I think Brooks makes the team as...