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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Ryan is plagiarizing my post from a few days ago. The risk reward for a 25 yd pass that nets 10 yds is too much, especially given the clear path to the end zone with an INT. That is a beach football pattern
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    Why was Pete Carroll fired anyway?

    Good stuff Let me add.... Tuna was a power seeking, greedy motherfu*%er who constantly tried to leverage himself into higher paying gigs with bigger titles, even demanding ownership stakes from desperate billionaires like Ross and Jones. His attempts failed and that was a significant reason why...
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    Why was Pete Carroll fired anyway?

    It still amazes me how Bill secured the entire set of keys to the organization and Kraft obliged. It further amazes me that so many organizations ignore fundamental Belichick principals of running an NFL team. I have to believe, deep down inside, Kraft agreed with the Fat Tuna statement... “If...
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Has anyone offered up a mea culpa that even if Evans continued his route There was no way Brady’s elevated / overthrown ball would be caught by anyone other than the defender?
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    Why was Pete Carroll fired anyway?

    Curran’s take:
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    Why was Pete Carroll fired anyway?

    -He wasn’t winning enough with the perceived franchise QB -He ran too loose of a program compared to the Fat Tuna who took the team to the big game. On a comparison basis, Kraft had seen enough and wanted to return to a Parcell’s type approach
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    J.J. Taylor - Anyone else impressed by him?

    Get him in games when defenses are gassed. Fresh legs vs tired fatties
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    I feel like I watched a different game than most of you

    My first visit to Schaefer Stadium: sitting on a tin bench in the nose bleed section, next to a drunk special needs dude who mooed like a cow for 4 quarters
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Tompa’s gone......BB more forthcoming? BB on Russell Wilson: (PFT) “I don’t really see anybody better than this player”
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Given the style and structure of the passing offense BB created and deployed during the vast majority of Brady’s tenure in NE, I give less credit to the QB who threw the scripted 2 yard pass and more credit to the pass catching RB or slot receiver who navigated through extreme congestion and...
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    I can’t begin to imagine how you handle more consequential issues.
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    Semi-OT: What is the most unwatchable type of football game?

    Broadcasts that feature Jake from State Farm.
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Tom’s most recent chapter includes catering to Yoko, a money grab, processed food commercials, and a joke team where he can play on camera splash pool footsie with another washed up money grabber/celeb
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    Jarrett Stidham

    More importantly, which budget-priced reclamation QB will BB be signing next summer? Sixteen carry/game Cam will not get a long term contract of any worth from the penny wise HC.
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Gronk’s great receiving days are well in the past, but the man sure can block. How much is Tampa paying their big name blocking TE?
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    Can someone give an “all clear” when the social justice theatrics are over so I can turn on the TV
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    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Dorito shilling hypocrite
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    a Cam - Tebow connection?????

    Unleash him...