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  1. PatsfanTN

    Chung signed to 2 year extension. I’m confused.

    Sometimes a post comes out of nowhere and will make me laugh out loud. This was one of them, well played sir.
  2. PatsfanTN

    DRAFT Pick 37, Patriots Select Safety Kyle Dugger (Division2)

    3 Opinion pieces ( guessing ) from a journalist doesn’t make anything factual. With all due respect. It’s insane to believe the Patriots traded out of the first round to draft him at 37. Go ahead, defend it. There were better players on the board
  3. PatsfanTN

    DRAFT Pick 37, Patriots Select Safety Kyle Dugger (Division2)

    Against division two talent. Did I also read 6 years he played? Don’t mind the talent, but that talent would have been available at 137 or beyond, not at 37.
  4. PatsfanTN

    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    How about 9 Super Bowl appearances. They going to give him that?
  5. PatsfanTN

    Gronk trade completed

    You think so? I don’t quite feel it’s reached the point of no return quit yet.
  6. PatsfanTN

    New Uniforms Coming?

    NOOOOOOO! I may be in the minority, but I love the current uniforms.
  7. PatsfanTN

    Pats sign QB Brian Hoyer, LB Brandon Copeland

    That’s a good point, Brady could take a beating and get back up.
  8. PatsfanTN

    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    They tried that in “I am Legend”, we all saw how that played out.
  9. PatsfanTN

    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    I’m sure I could also sit back now and point out all the things the previous guy could have done better too. The thing is, I actually think they are doing a great job and working with the Governors. Giving Cuomo what he needs too ( who I ALSO think is doing a great job ).
  10. PatsfanTN

    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    The spread was NEVER going to be contained. The whole point of what is happening is to slow it down and to avoid the hospitals from being crushed. This virus was coming hell or high water regardless. I love love to hear how the armchair Presidents on this forum would do better. And those in NY...
  11. PatsfanTN

    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    True and good point, but how do you see them addressing the issue? Serious question btw
  12. PatsfanTN

    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Ebron gone. Are we really stuck with LaGlass and the other pretend TE?
  13. PatsfanTN

    REPORT: Tampa is Brady's Likely Landing Spot

    AB is also still staring down the barrel of a suspension. Brady’s support of that racist dirtbag has been disappointing.
  14. PatsfanTN

    Thuney gets tagged

    Not according to @rapsheet
  15. PatsfanTN

    The Tom Brady rumor thread

    Down here in Nashville it’s starting to dominate the sports talk, even more so since the Darlington comments this morning. They aren’t saying it’s happening, but sounds like serious conversations are being had. Who knows.
  16. PatsfanTN

    If Brady leaves I hope we sign Rivers.

    IF he leaves, I don’t hate it. We are in the bridge situation anyhow, now or later. Problem is, the same issue that we had last year, no offensive weapons to help an aging QB.