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  1. J

    BGC 2021 WR/PTP Thread

    Couldn't tell if Romney looked like a legitimate prospect or was simply playing a lesser Navy team in COVID times...added him to my watchlist as well, could see him entering the Draft after a strong season
  2. J

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    Added him to my watch list the other night, what a grinder he is...Could see him getting drafted as a Senior in '23 as a versatile FB
  3. J

    BGC 2021 WR/PTP Thread

    Gunner Olczewski doesn't do it for you?
  4. J

    '13-'24 All-Personal Favorite Draft Prospect Team (pre-draft)

    Current Pats assistant Vinnie Sunseri is listed above as a draft prospect, FWIW
  5. J

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    Sucks BB never addressed TE situation via draft after the AH fiasco and the question surrounding 87's health...Missed on guys like Kittle, Andrews, and Knox
  6. J

    UDFA Signees

    Believe they offered, but WSH called first
  7. J

    2021 Draft Prospects

    Adding TE Grant Calcaterra to this list, was my top TE for 2020 until he got hurt...Right up there with Freiermuth for me in 2021
  8. J

    UDFA Signees

    Saw Slomka just got cut Saw NYJ work out Guerriero however, expected to sign soon apparently...long overdue Surprised Cannella hasn't been picked up by anyone, actually played his best ball with Stidham, but super raw
  9. J

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    Super excited about this, way my TE1 early in/and for most of the 2020 Draft process Best of luck to him
  10. J

    Early Roster Prediction 2020

    The opt-outs really suck, I have NE at 8-8/9-7, but I'm definitely optimistic
  11. J

    Early Roster Prediction 2020

    Very possible with Miller Also, very possible with WR and edge I had this roster still in the better half of the league until the opt-outs, now it's pretty barren after Gilmore, McCourty, Edelman
  12. J

    Early Roster Prediction 2020

    Offense (24): QB (3): Newton, Stidham, Hoyer RB (5): White, Harris, Burkhead, Taylor, Johnson WR (5): Edelman, Harry, Sanu, Meyers, Byrd TE (3): Asiasi, Keene, Izzo OL (8): Wynn, Thuney, Andrews, Mason, Cajuste, Froholdt, Onwenu, Eluemunor Defense (25): DL (5): Guy, Allen, Butler, Cowart...
  13. J

    2021 Mock Drafts

    Elite prospect, that'd be tremendous...If Hightower does return (which I expect), he's still not going to be here much longer, need a replacement
  14. J

    BGC 2021 IOL/PTP Thread

    Kraemer is my favorite, Mays I like too...Humphrey and Smith are big names too
  15. J

    BGC 2021 IDL/PTP Thread

    Wilson is such a baller
  16. J

    BGC 2021 CB/PTP Thread

    Like this CB class a lot more than the past class, which I found awful Like Wade, Lucas, and Samuel Jr. the most...Surtain Jr, Farley, and Adebo are all hyped too
  17. J

    BGC 2021 Rush/PTP Thread

    Not positive how he'll translate to the NFL but Rumph has been very fun to watch at Duke
  18. J

    BGC 2021 LB/PTP Thread

    Parsons and Moses will both be franchise LBs Skalski I like a ton, reminds me of Spikes, but built for old school NFL Jones from Indiana I like a lot as well
  19. J

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    Kid has been a monster at PSU
  20. J

    2021 Mock Drafts

    Phillips a great STer and promising as a DB Allen I'm hoping is beat out by Murray