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Nov 29th

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  1. Northcountry

    OT: I Have a Crush on Lyndsay Petruny

    It's not my mind I want blown:singing:
  2. Northcountry

    Patriots fans: Who do you want to win the AFC now

    Picture this.....Fatrex hoisting the Lombardi Trophy :eek::scream::scream:
  3. Northcountry

    It's time for the bandwagoners to leave

    It does sound childish, "I have new friends so I don't like you now"...:cool3: what crap
  4. Northcountry

    Revenge of the Hoodie: BB's Top Changes for 2010

    Re: Revenge of the Hoodie: BB 's Top Changes for 2010 Scheme changes on both sides of the ball. The pass happy screen game is done. Rebuild the oline, keep Mankins and Vollmer and can the rest. The last two playoff game this line was destroyed. Draft a fullback/guard and a RB that doesn't...
  5. Northcountry

    It's time for the bandwagoners to leave

    What exactly is a bandwagon anyway? Is it something the Dropkick Murphys use to haul their junk with?
  6. Northcountry

    Bruschi: Patriots just weren't prepared

    This game reminded me of the 21-0 loss to Miami, when Miami admitted to knowing/stealing our signals. Both the Ravens and the Dolphins seemed a little to quick as if they were in our huddle. *correction personnel not personal
  7. Northcountry

    Predict the first major offseason headlines...

    maroney wins dancing with the stars!!!
  8. Northcountry

    Bruschi: Patriots just weren't prepared

    Deus Irae, it's not so much a terminology issue (plays can be called anything) as it is a predictability issue. Ray Lewis knew what the plays were by the formation, personal, Bradys blocking assignment calls. These things need to be changed so the other team at least has to guess at what is...
  9. Northcountry

    Bruschi: Patriots just weren't prepared

    Dagg, Our offense was so predictable that on tv it showed Ray Lewis screaming "draw! draw! draw!" while the Pats were lining up, and sure enough it was a draw to Kevin Faulk. New OC, new plays, new scheme this one isn't working anymore.
  10. Northcountry

    Bruschi: Patriots just weren't prepared

    When the starting right tackle(Vollmer) has more tackles (2) than the starting dlinemen (Green) then you know it's been a long day. To many posers on this team, Merriweather gets burnt all game than dances after breaking up a pass down 17 points. Are these guys listening to BB or AT? Seems...
  11. Northcountry

    If I'm the Jets, I'm nervous

    I'd be really nervous now that Kris Jenkins is done for the year....I feel bad for the jest....right?
  12. Northcountry

    If I'm the Jets, I'm nervous

    If I'm the Jest I'd sell the franchise to Rush Limbaugh and move the entire team to LA.
  13. Northcountry

    Idle thoughts...

    Re: Idle thoughts.... Patfanken, I'm new here but I have to say great post. If this is what your mind does in idle I would like to see what it come up with while engaged. I differ with on maroney and brady, a snowy field favors the rb and maronery took advantage. The titans were missing their...
  14. Northcountry

    Light to right tackle?

    Possibly, to replace Neal only because he gets dinged up alot. Nice to have options with this group..:)
  15. Northcountry

    OT: Bills/Jets Game

    First place everybody:rocker::eat2: