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Dec 6th

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    A few thoughts on today's game

    for me the defense was the story of the game. it looked like the communication was great and people were where they were suppose to be. atlanta has kind of a vanilla zone defense pats should have put up a few more points
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    Can someone give me a good, Pats fan recap of the game today?

    pats should have blown them out early. brady missed 2 would be td throws in the first half and had 2 drive killing drops. they ran very effectively today. actually let taylor get into a rhythm. much more 2 tight end sets with brady under center for a change. brady still looked a bit off but...
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    How long before Brady is back to his best?

    it's not his plant leg so id say mid season. i work as a physical therapist but we don't see ripped up knees that often. he may always wear some type of brace which is a constant reminder of the injury.
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    Pre 2007 vs. Post 2007 Offense

    the 04 offense without question. for the life of me i don't know why these guys don't run a traditional west coast offense. with bradys accuracy and decision making someone would always be open. at the least id like to see more 3 and 5 step drops from under center
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    Dean Pees on the Defense - Blitz questions

    is it me or does this team just not blitz anymore? nfl qbs must be pressured. freddy sanchez looked like joe montana on a few of those drives. this group can't get consistent pressure rushing 4
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    An offensive case study: 2003 AFC Championship

    i don't think people understand how difficult it is for an o line to pass block 50 plays a game. this is not the 07 offense, these first 2 games are frighteningly similar to the super bowl loss. the play callings arrogance isn't being backed up by the execution. if this continues, i think they...
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    that makes 3 of us
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    NFL Stadiums - Which ones have you been to?

    just 2...... foxboro and old candlestick park. the stick was quite an experience. the stadium was nothing to write home about but i got to see 94 nfc title game. saw the pats take a bunch of beatings in foxboro when i was a kid. i live up in bangor now so i don't get back to boston much anymore
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    Would belichick ever trade tom brady?

    if tom had been 2 or 3 years older this past off season he would be the one in kansas city.
  10. D Roll Call

    scott from bangor maine. pats fan from birth. 31 years old, physical therapist
  11. D Roll Call

    RIGHT][/RIGHT]scott from bangor maine. 31 years old, pats fan from birth. physical therapist