The summer is in full swing and the Patriots are due to start training camp in less than 10 days. We’ve put out our primers for the team’s positional breakdown in the last two weeks. They can be referenced here:

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Line


Defensive Ends

Defensive Tackles




We are taking our second look at a 53 Man Roster projection prior to Training Camp beginning. Just prior to Mini-camp we did our first roster projection and we’ll do more as the pre-season plays out.

It should be noted that many of these positions are wide open and camp competition is likely to swing back and forth between different players. That’s what training camp is for.

Bill Belichick will have a lot of decisions to make with the roster and rest assured, the 53 Man roster at the end of training camp will not be the same roster we see at the end of the season. Changes will be made and the inevitable injuries will occur.

So the 88-man roster as it now stands will have to be pared down to 53 and that means some players with talent will be let go. Breaking into a Super Bowl winning team’s roster is never an easy thing and some tough selections await the coaches.

Here is our 53-Man Roster Projection 2.0

First up the Offense…