The Patriots head into training camp in just a few weeks and there should be plenty of competition at a number of spots. As a lead-in to the beginning of camp, we’ll break down the positions and give our take on who is a lock, a near lock for the 53 man roster and who is on the bubble.

Bill Belichick likes to say that the spring is a learning exercise and that the competition begins in training camp. While that is true to an extent, with 88 players on board, 35 of these current members of the roster now, at a minimum will be cut.

We’ve already looked at the Patriots offense and have now moved over to the defense. You can check out the links below:

Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Line


Defensive Ends

Defensive Tackles


Next up for the Patriots defense are the safeties. The core group from last season returns for 2015 with starters Devin McCourty and Pat Chung who both inked extensions with the team. One change that could take place would depend upon a systematic change. Where the team played a lot of man coverage in 2014 with a single high safety (McCourty), it allowed Chung to play closer to the line, in the box which is a strength of his.

If the team switches to playing more zone coverage with two deep safeties in 2015, it may open the door for Harmon to start. But the position overall is stable with no turnover but a couple of additions with the drafting of Richards in the 2nd round and the UDFA King from Auburn.

So who is locked in and who is on the bubble?