Tebow A Patriots QB?, Sorry That Dog Won't Hunt

Steve Balestrieri
June 10, 2013 at 08:48pm ET

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Well the world IS flat after all, Columbus was wrong….and Tim Tebow is a member of the New England Patriots.

While the now very untrue rumor that Bill Belichick hated Tebow the player has been dispelled, the equally wrong one that Tebow would never be a member of the Patriots has also gone the way of the T-Rex.

So the cryptic very Patriot-like message read that Tim Tebow was signed and would be at mini-camps tomorrow. So now the $64 question is, where does he fit?

Bill Belichick has brought in Tim Tebow with the Patriots, but does he fit? (FILE:USPresswire)

Media Crush A Non-factor- Forget the problems the Jets had with the media madness that surrounds Tebow and daily press conferences. This is New England and Bill Belichick. Tebow may be allowed an initial media availability tomorrow but after that? Forget it.

The Patriots will do what they’ve always done, they’ll circle the wagons and do everything in their power to shield Tebow and the rest of the team from the mania that has followed him since Day 1.

Got a question about Tebow’s performance during camp? Don’t expect any golden tidbits from Belichick, and settle for the stock, “he’s got a long way to go like all the players on the roster,” type answer.

How Does He Fit In the Patriots’ System?- Easy, he doesn’t.  What made him successful in Denver were a completely different set of skill sets than what makes the Patriots offense go.

Can Tim Tebow do a three step drop and make the proper reads and deliver the football in less than 2.5 seconds accurately? I don’t think so. Is that to say that it is beyond the realm of possibility that he can? Not at all, however his mechanics are and have always been quite bad. And I’ve always been one of his biggest fans. But it is perhaps his biggest weakness.

He won’t lack for proper coaching from Josh McDaniels, who originally drafted him, from Belichick himself, who obviously sees something in there that he likes and from Tom Brady, who will do everything in his power to help Tebow succeed in New England. If you’re expecting something different, then you don’t know the Patriots.

Will Tebow Play TE or RB?- Lots of scenarios being played out right now that Tebow will be used as a TE or RB, similar to what the Jets attempted to do with him. Hogwash, plain and simple. Look at the depth the Patriots have at tight end right now and his chances of making the roster as a TE are less than zero. And a glance at his snaps at receiver last season would preclude any talk of that.

Tebow did have some moderate success running the ball in short yardage last season for the Jets, but the truth be told, Stevan Ridley is a much better option already. And as a Wildcat QB? It makes zero sense, why take the ball out of the hands of arguably one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game and hand it to a gimmicky offensive set?

Bill Belichick would never sit Tom Brady down to run a Wildcat offense, not when Brady is healthy and still playing at an elite level. One thing in Tebow’s favor with Belichick and the Patriots is that there is no question of who is the best quarterback on the roster. That is Brady and Tebow himself would be the first to admit it, something that may not have been true with the Jets.

He’ll get the chance to work with one of the best QB-Coach combos ever and learn from them. He may be able to turn things around and find a niche for himself. But for now, it’s all a big waiting game to see how all of this plays out.

Strap on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy night….

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