Brady, "We'll Know By Mid-training Camp" On Comfort Level With New WRs

Steve Balestrieri
May 23, 2013 at 07:53am ET

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A sign that football season is right around the corner is Tom Brady’s appearance on the D&C Show on Boston radio’s WEEI on Thursday morning. The New England Patriots quarterback talked about many things including the on-going OTAs, the departure of Wes Welker, his recent Kentucky Derby experience as well as his annual Best Buddies charity football game and bike ride to Cape Cod.

Tom Brady said on Thursday morning that working with the new WRs was a process and was on-going. (FILE:USPresswire)

But one of the biggest soundbytes of the morning is when Brady was asked about the work in progress with Danny Amendola and all the new Patriots wide receivers. Said Brady, “we try to get as many days throwing the ball as we can, that’s where improvement comes from.”

Brady spoke about Amendola stating that “Danny always had a lot of talent, when he was with the Rams he was always very productive,” adding, “the more we throw, the better we will be.” He added that “Danny has been fun to work with. I think he's come in with an understanding of the way we need to play."

Comfort Level Time Frame-

Asked by Gerry Callahan when that comfort level with the new receivers should start taking place, Brady didn’t shy away, “It’s a process”, he said. Adding, “by mid-training camp we should know who I am most comfortable throwing to.”

Brady also mentioned that certain WRs, Deion Branch, Wes Welker and Randy Moss were quick to pick up the offense very quickly and due to their football IQ it was easier for them. Perhaps this was an unspoken acknowledgement to Bill Belichick’s statements during the draft that the two rookie WRs, Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce had very high football IQs.

By mid-August, barring any last minute charges or injuries, the WRs then getting the most reps and seeing the most passes should be the guys that should probably make the roster. Note to new WRs, go to Harvard Stadium on Friday night and even though it’s a touch football game, it never hurts to work on the comfort/trust level with your QB.

Inevitable Wes Welker Questions-

Callahan admittedly asked Brady for what termed the “100th time” on how he felt losing his star receiver and best friend.  "He's moved on, he's in a good situation with another great team and a great quarterback. We always kind of kept in touch, we always will. He’s one of my best friends and I wish him the best.... I used to get caught up in anger and frustration,” Brady said. “But these things aren’t up to me,” he added. Brady said that nothing surprises him anymore and that its life in the NFL. “Nobody appreciated Wes more than me”, he said.

Brady also tried to quell the inevitable comparisons between Welker and Amendola, noting that although the two had similar size and skill sets that it was unfair adding “"Wes was so productive for so long. I think it's unfair to compare anyone to him."

Brady appeared relaxed and confident heading into the next run of OTAs and mini-camps before training camp starts in earnest at the end of July. That is always a good thing if you’re the Patriots.

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