NFL Week 17 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
January 01, 2012 at 01:04pm ET

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Welcome to Week 17 Picks, it is very hard to believe that the last week of the NFL regular season is upon us, it seemed like just yesterday that the new CBA was signed and the players were rushing off to training camp. However, like every year, there remains quite a bit to be settled on the field prior to the playoffs begin.

My friend and partner Steve the Cat (STC) and I every week bring you the full slate of the schedule and give our thoughts on how the games will play out, it’s been a fun and interesting year again and besides Happy Birthday wishes to STC, we both would like to say to our readers thanks for following.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And let’s get on with the schedule:

NFL Week 17 2011

Lions Vs Packers:

SB- Green Bay will enter the playoffs on a roll, their offense will be firing on all cylinders but look for Matthew Stafford to have a nice day albeit in a losing effort. Packers 31-27

STC- The big question is will the Packers play their starters the whole game? The Lions might get the win if Rodgers rides the pine. Packers 34-28

Titans Vs Texans:

SB- Rest them or play them? That is the question for Houston, Tenn. needs to win and get some help. But today, they don’t get it done in Texas. Texans 24-17

STC- Wade is back for the Texans after a two game slide without him. The Titans are one game out of the wildcard and need a lot more help to just a win to clinch the WC. The Texans should play it smart rest up and prepare for their first playoff run. Titans 24-21

Colts Vs Jaguars :

SB- Not exactly the game of the week, the Jags are going nowhere and have fired their coach. The Colts have won two straight after going winless, who shows up? Colts 24-17

STC- The Jags defense should easily handle the Colts as they are only playing for the best position in the draft. Jaguars 17-14

Jets Vs Dolphins:

SB- The Jets got a huge break by having the Dolphins lose Reggie Bush for this game. They need to win and have all kinds of wild scenarios to play out to get in the playoffs. Like the world needs or wants to be subjected to them for another week. Jets 24-20

STC- There is nothing to lose for the Dolphins except a missed opportunity taking a division rival out of the play-off picture. The big mouthed talk and guarantees of a Super Bowl can end at Sun Life this Sunday. Dolphins 24-20

Bears Vs Vikings:

SB- Cutler haters can say what they wish, but the Bears haven’t won since he went down. They do get a break with Adrian Peterson out with a torn ACL. Bears 17-16

STC- The Vikings need to lose this game for a better draft pick. I think they will play it close, but let the Bears think they have won in the end. Bears 17-13

Bills Vs Patriots:

SB- For a full breakdown click here: The Patriots under Bill Belichick are playing for home field advantage and he made it clear that they plan on playing hard on Sunday for 60 minutes. A little revenge at the Bills expense can’t hurt either. Patriots 38-24

STC- Home field advantage is what is at stake here. Although the Bills put up some great numbers against the Broncos the Pats will be looking for a little vengeance for the early season loss. Patriots 30-21

Panthers Vs Saints:

SB- Drew Brees is in the zone, en fuego, on top of his game….take your pick. But the Saints offense is among the best in the league and the Cats are just playing out the string. Saints 38-17

STC-  I cannot imagine Sean sitting his starters until a handy lead is in place. Saints 35-10

Redskins Vs Eagles:

SB- The Eagles, like the Jets will spend a long time pondering what could have been. But unlike the boys from Jersey, they may learn from this. Eagles 31-14

STC- Shanny will attempt to go out with a Bang, but I think the Eagles left a lot on the field this year and want to end with and exclamation point. Eagles 21-17

49ers Vs Rams:

SB- Niners are on a roll for the playoffs and Harbaugh has them believing that they can go far. They will not let the Rams alter their focus a bit. Niners 27-6

STC- Might the Niners sit a few? I am not sure… The Rams are just lacking on so many levels. Jim will want to go into the post season with a win. 49ers 24-17

Seahawks Vs Cardinals:

SB- Skelton has played well for the Cards but I think that this week, Pete Carroll will get the boys to play harder in their finale. Seahawks 24-21

STC- Someone is trying to save his starting quarterback job and someone is trying to save his head coach job. Only one has Larry Fitzgerald. Cardinals 28-17

Buccaneers Vs Falcons:

SB- Falcons have had a disappointing season after last year, but they are the much better team here. Tampa Bay has fallen apart. Falcons 30-14

STC- Time for the Bucs to make a stand, not this week, better to cut their losses and look at a better draft pick. Falcons 24-10

Ravens Vs Bengals:

SB- Upset alert! I have a feeling the Ravens woes on the road continue one more week and the Bengals put an end to the Jets hopes while preserving their own. Bengals 24-21

STC- Andy Dalton should go out with a “Leaping Bang” along with the rest of the Bengals offense. The Ravens need to keep the pedal to the metal if they want to see Indy. Ravens 28-21

Steelers Vs Browns:

SB- Steelers vault from the #5 position to number two with an easy win over Cleveland coupled with the Baltimore loss. Pittsburgh 27-6

STC- Big Ben in? Big Ben out? Steelers 31-9

Chiefs Vs Broncos:

SB- Great story lines here, Kyle Orton returns and can derail the Broncos playoff hopes. Tim Tebow after a horrible game in Buffalo, how will he respond? Winning…Broncos 24-17

STC- Game of the week~ Romeo Vs Tebow? This is a very tough call, but I’d like to see more of Tebow this year. Broncos 20-17

Chargers Vs Raiders:

SB- Chargers are a team that is always a popular pick in August and September to win the Super Bowl, but never get it done. This will begin the housecleaning. Raiders 24-20

STC- Norv wants his job people! He’ll pretend to be an HC again and claim the victory on his superior coaching skills. Chargers 31-21

Cowboys Vs Giants:

SB- Tony Romo’s hand was bruised and swollen all week, it can be close to 100% for this week. The Giants got the big win last week, can they carry it over and make a magical run akin to 2007? We’ll see. Giants 28-20

STC- With Romo playing through a bad hand I cannot see this working out for the Boys. Eli seems to come alive in the playoffs I also, cannot see this working out for the Boys. Giants 28-10

Last week:    Season:

SB-    11-5    158-81

STC-  11-5    156-74


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