NFL Week 16 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
December 22, 2011 at 10:00pm ET

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Welcome to NFL Week 16 picks, after a couple of weeks of good success both myself and my friend and partner on this column, Steve the Cat (STC) hiccupped in a big way. We had such a bad week; I was getting hate mail from a Wal-Mart greeter in the Mid-West. Now that is a bad week.

This week’s slate has a couple of big games, other than the overhyped Jets – Giants game, the real game of the week is the Saints and the Falcons which promises to be an outstanding one. Feel free to chime in with your own picks down below.

NFL Week 16 2011

Texans Vs Colts:

SB- The Texans found out that life isn’t all that grand with a 3rd string QB, but on Thursday night, Arian Foster fixes that. Texans 30-14

STC- The Texans hit a little bit of a rough patch, but I think they can muster their forces and best the “Unlucky” Colts. Texans 27-12

Browns Vs Ravens:

SB- Ravens had their hiccup on the road with the Bolts, and take it out on Cleveland Ravens 27-6

STC- This should be an easy win for the Ravens. Match one of the defenses in the league against the worst offense and a W for the Birds. Ravens 24-3

Broncos Vs Bills:

SB- Broncos started quickly last week but mistakes sunk them against New England. The Bills have been doing the same thing for weeks. Tebow will roll against a soft Bills defense against the run. Broncos 24-13

Well, last week didn’t go exactly like they wanted, but the Broncos played tough against a pretty decent offense. Fitz has obviously lost his touch. Broncos 27-17

Buccaneers Vs Panthers:

SB- A weak schedule, a strong schedule…. The Bucs are living proof that sometimes you are a product of ‘who’ you play. Panthers 28-14

STC- The Bucs have again given up at least the Panthers are trying to win. Panthers 23-7

Cardinals Vs Bengals:

SB- Andy Dalton will be playing under pressure to rebound and try to make the playoffs. He will respond this week, the Cards don’t like cold East Coast games. Bengals 27-13

STC- The Cards are getting the mojo going on both sides of the ball while the Bengals seem to have slid the back half of the season. Cardinals 17-15

Raiders Vs Chiefs:

SB- Chiefs knocked off the undefeated Packers last week. Welcome back to reality, KC. Raiders running game wins this one. Raiders 24-20

STC- Two Words… Romeo Crennel! Chiefs 24-20

Dolphins Vs Patriots:

SB- For a complete breakdown click here: The problem for the Dolphins is if they move their best linebacker Karlos Dansby, to cover Rob Gronkowski, then they have to roll the dice and assume Jones will do a better job of covering Hernandez. Patriots 31-20

STC- Unless we play it safe and sit some essentials this should be a nice smooth win for the Pats. The Dolphins always play the Pat’s tough, but this one is at our house. Patriots 35-21

Giants Vs Jets:

SB- Either way, the press will have a field day with this game, either they’ll be calling Rex’s scalp or the Jets will be booking their tickets for Indy. Book them tickets and buy some for the game too….Giants 30-24

STC- The Giants need this win to have a shot at the post season and will play this game every second to win. Plus, I’d like to see Rex apologize for a loss and accept the responsibility. Giants 27-24

Rams Vs Steelers:

SB- The Rams are hurting and playing out the string, not a good time to be playing Pittsburgh fighting for a division title. Especially coming off an ugly loss on the road. Steelers 27-6

STC- That was crazy playing Ben in that game, he might be a tough QB, but you do not risk your franchise players getting further injured. The reports are saying he will sit out the remainder of regular season, but that will not be enough for the Rams to get a W. Steelers  28-10

Jaguars Vs Titans:

SB- The Jags are close to making Blaine Gabbert a newer version of David Carr. He’s getting hit a lot out there and its affecting him. Titans 24-7

STC- You can have a pretty good defense and yes defense can win games, but you half get some points up on the board and maybe some better coaching. There is a rumor Matt will sit and Jake starts the game, we shall see. I doubt it~ Titans 21-6

Vikings Vs Redskins:

SB- Rex (the skinny one, at least comparing him to Ryan) has a big day and the Skins roll on to a victory over the Vikes who are dreaming that this is a nightmare. Redskins 27-13

STC- Not that the Redskins are any kind of a dynamo or anything even close, yet they are when compared to the Vikings. Redskins 21-10

Chargers Vs Lions:

SB- San Diego makes its normal late run a tad too late this season. Bolts 27-24

STC- Big troubles in San Diego big big big it’s time to take out the trash, (looks at Norv). The Lions will be out for blood to clinch a play-off berth. Lions 28-21

Eagles Vs Cowboy:

SB-  Someday I am going to stop picking the Cowboys, someday …..but not this day. Romo rebounds from the last game and Dallas wins. Cowboys 31-20

STC- Coin toss they are pretty evenly matched teams. Eagles 21-20

49ers Vs Seahawks:

SB- Niners spanked the Steelers on Monday night, they are on a roll and I believe they will shut down the Seahawks offense as well. 49ers 24-7

STC- Sheesh at least they pay their power bills in Seattle. 49ers 28-24

Bears Vs Packers:

SB- The Bears are in the same boat as the Texans with a back-up QB. And facing a ticked Packer crew who played badly last week. Packers 35-10

STC- Oops I did not see the Chiefs running over the Packers. The Bears will not be so lucky too many injuries, lightening will not strike twice. Packers 38-15

Falcons Vs Saints:

SB- Game of the Week, heated rivals playing with playoff implications. Drew Brees is on a roll and hunting Dan Marino’s yardage record and gets it here. Saints 31-24

STC- It would be out of character for the Saints to sit a bunch of their starters and allow their hometown fans to be disappointed. The rivalry is hefty and the Falcons will do whatever they can to win, its not gonna’ happen though. Saints 28-27

Last week:    Season:

SB-    9-7    147-76

STC-  7-9    145-69


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