NFL Week 15 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
December 18, 2011 at 12:51am ET

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Welcome to the NFL Week 15 Picks, with the season winding down, we are now subjected to the weekly endless playoff scenarios as so many teams can get in if Team A loses or Team B loses or ties…..

Every week my friend and partner in this column Steve the Cat (STC) go through our picks and try to bring you our thoughts on the week’s slate.

So it’s on to the picks, feel free to chime in with your own at the bottom of the page.

NFL Week 15 2011

Thursday Night Football:

Both of picked the Falcons surprising enough (not!) earlier on Thursday evening

Jaguars Vs Falcons:

SB- The Falcons need this game badly and I would expect Michael Turner and Matt Ryan to have big games. Falcons 27-17

STC- I cannot see Matt Ryan letting the Jaguars slip by him at home and the Jags offense is not match for anyone Falcons 28-13

Cowboys Vs Buccaneers :

SB- Bad play in the final minutes are killing Dallas this year. They need this one badly so I expect them to come through here against a Bucs team that has disappointed badly Cowboys 27-14

STC- Stupid mistakes are killing the Cowboys they were starting to show potential and once again the downward spiral begins. The Bucs are right in front of the Cowboys on the slide. Cowboys 28-15

Dolphins Vs Bills:

SB- Miami made a huge mistake firing Sparano now. The team had played hard for him the entire season and had actually played well the past month and a half. Costs them in chilly Buffalo. Bills 24-17

STC- Did the Dolphins make the right move kicking out Soprano before the end of the season? Ugh no. The only reason I am picking the Bills is home field advantage the weather always starts playing a factor for the southern teams playing in the north this time of year. Bills 17-14

Seahawks Vs Bears:

SB- You gotta love the way Marshawn Lynch is running the football. The Bears excellent defense was giving up a lot of yards last week in Denver. Going with the upset here Seahawks 21-17

STC- The Seahawks seem to be on a mini roll and with all of the injuries on the Bears the tip of my hate goes to the Seahawks. Seahawks  27-13

Panthers Vs Texans:

SB- Texans defense should be able to slow down the Panthers enough to keep them at bay long enough for their 3rd QB to pull this one out. Texans 24-20

The Texans have the worst luck, now with Wade out it seems hopeless, but the defense has the tools to hold of the Panthers even without a DC. Texans  28- 21

Titans Vs Colts:

SB- I don’t think the Colts are going 0-16, so this must be the week. Colts 17-16

STC- Not that the Titans are that good, but the Colts are that bad. Titans 27-10

Packers Vs Chiefs:

SB- Aaron Rodgers may get to take another 4th Qtr off this week. Packers 34-14

STC- No explanations needed here again. Packers 35-10

Saints Vs Vikings:

SB- Ouch,Drew Brees and crew will roll in this one, both early and often. Saints 35-13

STC- A rough start for the Saints but they are finishing smooth. Funny Comment I read out on the web regarding any team having homefield advantage in the Super Bowl. The poster said, “To ensure that no team will ever have a homefield advantage in the Super Bowl, they should just have it in Minnesota every year”. Saints 35-20

Redskins Vs Giants:

SB- Archie Manning was overheard in the stands last week, “no one puts Eli in the corner.” G-Men roll over Redskins at home. Giants 31-13

STC- Eli is playing up for the whole Manning Clan. If not for another stupid mistake they would have lost last week, but the can beat the Skins and they are going to play tough to get more points on the board against the Redskins than the Pats did. Giants 31-17

Bengals Vs Rams:

SB- Bengals are beginning to fade but they are playing the Rams this week. Bengals 24-14

STC- The Dalton train seems to getting off-tracked but the Bradford train never left the station. Bengals 21-6

Lions Vs Raiders:

SB- Lions are getting Suh back but they need to start playing with their heads again. Discipline has been poor lately and they need to rebound. Lions 24-17

STC- I’d rather have neither of these dirty teams win. Raiders 21-20

Browns Vs Cardinals:

SB- Both teams are going nowhere this season. McCoy got his bell rung last week and TE Benjamin Watson is also out with a concussion. Skelton at least has Larry Fitzgerald. Cardinals 24-13

STC- The Cards defense showed some signs of life last week against the division leaders. If they can maintain the momentum and let Larry Fitzgerald do what he does best this should be an open and shut case. Cardinals 21-10

Patriots Vs Broncos:

SB- For a detailed breakdown click here: The Patriots have a lot of weapons on offense but this is a tough matchup for them against Denver’s defense. What would help is for the 3rd WR, either Chad Ochocinco, or Tiquan Underwood to step up and make teams pay outside the numbers. But it hasn’t happened so they will sink or swim with who they are. Patriots 31-24

STC- Tebow needs to lose sometime, might as well be to our Pats. I am sure Steve’s very knowledgeable article will discuss weakness and strength. The fact of the matter is we have an entire team that wants to play for each, their fans and their coaches. Not just a team that decides to finally start playing for one person. Oh, well, that and we have Bill Belichick. Patriots 34-21

Jets Vs Eagles:

SB- The Jets running game here should be the difference opening up some good holes to open up play action for the WRs. Mike Vick remains the Wildcard here. Jets 27-17

STC- Another coin toss game the Jets seem to be showing mild signs of life so they get the nod. Jets 23-21

Ravens Vs Chargers:

SB- Ravens defense is still among the best in the league and facing a team that has been turning the ball over much too much. Beware of Ed Reed. Ravens 24-14

STC- The Ravens defense is playing out of their mind and I look for them to force the interceptions and turnovers all throughout the game. Its time for an overhaul in San Diego, not even Norv can deny that. Ravens 24-18

Steelers Vs 49ers:

SB- This is one of those signature games for the Steelers. QB hurting and maybe out, Polamalu hurting, may be out. Niners on a roll and playing at home. No one rallies around the flag in games like this better than Pittsburgh. Steelers 17-14

STC- I almost chose the 49ers thinking Big Ben might be smart and take a week off to heal and then remembered the guy would play with a missing leg. The 49ers had a great run and only a few flubs this year, but they are still a developing team. The Pittsburgh offense and defense will play on fire to protect and support their injured QB. Steelers 21-17

Last week:    Season:

SB-    12-4    138-69

STC-  12-4    138-60


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