Week 14 NFL Picks

Steve Balestrieri
December 11, 2011 at 01:38am ET

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Welcome to NFL Week 14 Picks, with the season entering its final quarter the playoff races and divisions are starting to heat up. It seems like yesterday the NFLPA and the League signed its new CBA. The season is truly flying by.

Lots of good games on the slate this week, my friend Steve the Cat (STC) and I both had a pretty solid week in our picks and hopefully we can continue it this week. Feel free to chime with your own picks underneath.

Both of us picked the Steelers on Thursday night.

Colts Vs Ravens :

SB-  The Ravens need this one to stay on top of the AFC North. The AFC’s arguably most complete team will put the hammer down this week. No 4th Qtr comeback with the Colts in this one. Ravens 31-10

STC- The Colts had a decent fourth quarter comeback against the Patriots, but I attribute that to Belichick holding back the reigns and keeping the score close. The Ravens will not be as nice their superior defense should limit the Colts on almost all plays. Ravens  28-14

Falcons Vs Panthers:

SB- The Falcons have struggled all season to find their game, but Michael Turner is hitting his stride and they will ride his coattails in this one. Falcons 27-17

STC- Cam and crew maybe finally gelling, little too late, but that will help prepare for next year. By all stats the Falcons should win this easily, I think the Panthers have more to prove to their own home crowd. Panthers 24-20

Texans Vs Bengals:

SB- The Texans are currently riding high but are down to their 3rd string QB. The Bengals took a beating in Pittsburgh last week. Will they respond? Yes. Bengals 24-20

STC- A never give up attitude sometimes outweighs the powers you have within your limits. I am not saying the Bengals do not have this great attitude, but the Texans crave every win. The Texans D should be able to hold Dalton and the Bengals. Texans 21-20

Vikings Vs Lions:

SB- The Lions are self-destructing before our eyes. Their fast start is now history and they are playing like an undisciplined, bad football team. The need to rebound, and home might be the best place for that to happen. Lions 28-20

STC- The Vikings might have found a quarterback underneath McNabb’s shadow Christian Ponder. Hopefully, the dirty Lions will keep themselves and their attitudes in check. Lions 28-24

Buccaneers Vs Jaguars:

SB- Both team’s offenses are playing poorly but the Buccaneers ground game should give them the boost to pull out a road win across state. Buccaneers 21-14

STC- The Jaguars limited offense and a short week should give the Buccaneers the win over the Jags. Buccaneers 20-17

Eagles Vs Dolphins:

SB- The Dolphins have not quit on Tony Sparano, the Eagles are a mess. But something tells me the Eagles pull out a close one here. Eagles 24-21

STC- This was a pick on home field advantage alone. The teams are too evenly matched. Dolphins 21-20

Chiefs Vs Jets: 

SB- The Jets are already booking their Super Bowl reservations again after two lackluster wins. This week, they put a good game together and roll. Jets 27-6

STC- The Chiefs are just the kind of team the Jets can maybe beat, awful. Jets 30-12

Saints Vs Titans:

SB- The Saints are on a roll offensively, Drew Brees is having a great season. The Titans will not be able to stop them enough to win this one. Saints 30-17

STC- The Titans sometimes-stellar defense will be no match for the Saints offense. This game should come to end with the Saints marching to their fourth win in a row. Saints 28-16

Patriots Vs Redskins:

SB- For the full breakdown click here: This game will be won or lost on the edges, Matt Light and Nate Solder on offense and Andre Carter and Mark Anderson on defense will be key here. Patriots 31-17

STC- I am hoping the Patriots big defensive fourth quarter let down was a Belichick trick to confuse the competition. If not this could be an unbearable week losing to a horrendous team. Patriots 32-20

49ers Vs Cardinals:

SB- Niners defense is playing outstanding, I think they shut down the Cards offense and their offense gets untracked a bit. Niners 24-6

STC- The 49ers are not going to miff their own kicker, but they will not have to there is no chance this game will go into overtime. The Cards do have a tendency to play up, just not this far up. Defense is creating the opportunities and will carry the 49ers right to the play-offs. 49ers  21-10

Bears Vs Broncos:

SB- The Bears are hurting on offense with Jay Cutler out. Tebow has won five of six since becoming the starting QB.  The legend continues to grow. Broncos 21-13

STC- The only thing that will stop the Broncos is the Bears Rushing defense. Well, that, could have stopped them a few weeks ago when the talking heads said, “Tebow can’t throw”. Not the case anymore. The offense less Bears should be dealt a swift lesson in Denver. Broncos 27-10

Raiders Vs Packers:

SB- Packers offense is clicking on all cylinders and they may not have even played their best football yet. Scary proposition there. Rodgers has another big game. Packers 34-13

STC- Not going to’ happen this week Raiders, might as well forfeit. Packers 35-17

Bills Vs Chargers:

SB- This one lost its charm a few weeks ago, both teams saw promising starts fizzle. But the Bolts are at home and should prevail in this one. Chargers 27-24

STC- Both teams had it all at the beginning of the season and lost it all. This is normally the time the Chargers are climbing to the top. The problems are obvious to all San Diego has some fine talent that is underutilized or utilized in correctly. Maybe Norv and Shanny can meet for beers after the season? What else are they going to have to do? Chargers 24-17

Giants Vs Cowboys:

SB- Giant took a beating in the press but played a whale of a game last week against Green Bay. Cowboys played down to the opposition and blew an OT game to the Cards. But I think Dallas finds a way to pull this one out at home. Cowboys 31-28

STC- WTG Cowboys handing the game to the Cards on a timeout! C’mon Man! While the Giants managed to hang with the big dawgs, stupid coaching is once again killing the Cowboys. (The Texans seem a bit pleased in JJ moving Wade out last year sometimes an OC or a DC do not equal a HC) The Giants will be hungry and feeling the oats in this win over Dallas. Giants 28-21

Rams Vs Seahawks: 

SB- Seahawks at home roll with the 12th man. But a MNF game with this matchup? Yikes, can they flex this one out of Monday? Seahawks 27-13

STC- First the NFL dumps Hank Williams Jr. and he always made me feel “Ready for Some Football” and then a Rams Vs Seahawks game on Monday night. Yawn~ if Pete wants to keep his job he better get a big win this week. Seahawks 24-10

Last week:    Season:

SB-    12-4    126-65

STC-  12-4    126-56