NFL Week 13 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
December 04, 2011 at 01:34pm ET

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Welcome to Week 13 Picks of the NFL season, there are a few good games on the slate as the Steelers and Bengals re-new unpleasantries in a game that has division and playoff connotations. One game that was penciled in early this year was the annual Colts – Patriots game that without Peyton Manning doesn’t have the draw it normally would.

Two other great games to watch would be the Lions – Saints and the Giants – Packers games. My friend on these games Steve the Cat (STC) and I both had a solid week of picks last week. Hopefully we can continue that one down the stretch in December. Feel free to chime in with your picks below…

NFL Week 13 2011

Thursday Night Football

Eagles Vs. Seahawks:

SB- Eagles 24-21

STC- Seahawks 24-17

Titans Vs Bills:

SB- No Fred Jackson, the Bills will turn to CJ Spiller. Fitzpatrick has been a turnover machine lately. With the Titans running game getting in gear, go with TN. Titans 24-21

STC- I am starting to regret all of my praise for Fitzy, maybe it went to his head. The Titans are not turning any heads, but they should not have a problem with the Bills. Titans 28-14

Chiefs Vs Bears:

SB- The Bears defense has been playing very well this year, something I expect to continue this week, KC kicks the ball to Devin Hester…big mistake. Bears 27-10

STC- The Chiefs are again the team who had all the promise in the world and cannot keep it together. The Bears suffered a blow to their once soaring egos, but will make a nice rebound this week. Bears 31-10

Falcons Vs Texans:

SB- Two big stats to watch in this one, the Texans defense gives up only 16.2 PPG and they have only 10 turnovers all season, a nice recipe for winning football. Houston at home pulls one out with a 3rd string QB. Texans 24-20

STC- Another tough break for the Texans again last week. Every year they seem so full of promise and tragedy or (bad calling) put on the brakes. The Falcons as always play above themselves and the battered Texans will be no match. Falcons 24-13

Raiders Vs Dolphins:

SB- Miami has turned it around and is playing strong. One thing they haven’t done is quit on their coach (eh hem). But the Raiders if they don’t turn the ball over, should be able to score enough to win this one. Raiders 27-21

STC- Some true moments of brilliance from the Raiders and the Phins this year. Oakland will have a few key players back that will be the nail in the Dolphins week 13 coffin. Raiders 28-19

Broncos Vs Vikings:

SB- Is there a more polarizing figure than Tim Tebow? Behind him and a stifling defense the Broncos have gone 5-1. Make that 6-1….Broncos 21-13

STC- This should be an easy win for the Broncos. Tebow is of course winning despite being told he is not a good quarterback and the whole Bronco team is behind him. The Vikings are just pitiful. Broncos 28-6

Colts Vs Patriots:

SB- I loved Bill Belichick’s comments to a Fox news reporter who tried to give Bill the business. “I don’t agree with that, so go ahead on your soliloquy but I just don’t agree with that,’’ Belichick said. “You don’t think you can gauge a team based on how a player blocks Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis? I mean, who else could you gauge it against? Are you kidding me? Covering Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon – you don’t think you can gauge your coverage based on those players?

“I don’t care what their record is. You don’t think there’s better receivers around than them, better pass rushers than Freeney and Mathis? I’m not sure what games you’re watching here.’’ For a full breakdown of matchups click here: Patriots 38-14

STC- This one is a given. Patriots 41-3

Bengals Vs Steelers:

SB- Nice division matchup between two teams that don’t like each other…at all. Dalton played very well in the first game but I don’t that happening again as much on the road. Those Sham-Wows will be going into overtime. Steelers 28-17

STC- Strong defenses and better than average offenses set these teams apart. The Bengals need this win, but not in the Steelers House with that awful yellow towels distraction. Steelers 32-28

Panthers Vs Buccaneers:

SB- I’m wondering how bad Josh Freeman’s hand is hurt. But he’s taken a major step backwards this year along with the Bucs. Time for some Pirate magic. Bucs 24-20

STC-The Buccaneers should be able to put a little swagger back in their step with an easy win over the Panthers at home. Buccaneers 21-14

Jets Vs Redskins:

SB- Skins defense has played pretty well this year, but their offense has sputtered. Note to Rex Ryan, look at how stale your offense looks all game and how efficient they look in the two-minute drill. Maybe your offensive coordinator is a bit….offensive. Jets 24-13

STC- The Redskins defense will give the Jets offense a run for their money. But that is where the competition stops. The Jets should easily shut down any offense of the Skins. Jets 21-6

Ravens Vs Browns:

SB- Ravens defense will dominate this one, their offense is starting to find its stride with a really nice mix of running and an emerging pass game. Ravens 27-6

STC- No offenses vs one of the best defenses this should be a forfeit game for the Browns. Ravens 24-3

Cowboys Vs Cardinals:

SB- Cowboys defense under Rob Ryan will try to make the Cards uncomfortable all day on offense. Romo has a big game in the desert sun. Cowboys 28-14

STC- This should be an easy when for the Cowboys, but the Cardinals have a tendency to play up to superior teams. Cowboys 24-17

Packers Vs Giants:

SB- Green Bay’s last big test before they run the table. This one will be closer than people think. Eli throws for 3-4 TDs but G-men will go down again. Packers 38-31

STC- See above answer for Patriots win. Packers 45-18

Rams Vs 49ers:

SB- Got to love the job Harbaugh has done with the Niners and their defense will shut down the Rams. Offense? Got enough of it this week. 49ers 27-13

STC- Quite of few games this week should have just been given up as a bye week and this is one of them. 49ers 24-10

Lions Vs Saints:

SB- Drew Brees is on a roll with an excellent offense that rivals that of GB. In the dome these guys are tough to beat. I love their pre-game chant…. Saints 34-24

STC- I am not pleased with the measly two game suspension of Suh it should have been four. I am also not pleased with the NFL overlooking Vanden Bosch and his dirty plays. Hopefully the Saints will put on an offensive schooling and a little defensive rough house and team the dirty Lions a lesson. Saints 34-17

Chargers Vs Jaguars:

SB- Are the Bolts this bad? Talk about a team free-falling, expect to see some whole-sale changes there next season. Norv and Smith may both be gone. The Jags fired their coach who decided being an NFL coach was a 9-5 job. Who wins? When in doubt go with the home team. Chargers 21-17

STC- This should be the week the Chargers put a W on the board against the horrible Jags offense. The game depends in Rivers actually throwing the ball to his own players. So long Norv Turner, happy trails to you and take Philip with you. Chargers 14-3

Last week:    Season:

SB-    13-3    114-61

STC-  12-4    114-52


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