NFL Week 12 Picks, Sunday Edition

Steve Balestrieri
November 27, 2011 at 01:45pm ET

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Welcome to NFL Week 13 Sunday Picks, with the season in the second half now, the better teams are starting to rise to the top, the lesser teams are beginning to fall and a few others struggle to still find their identity.

With three good Thanksgiving Day games in the box, Sunday promises to be more of the same with plenty of good games on the slate.

My friend Steve the Cat (STC) and I have made our picks for the week, she is never one to mince words. Feel free to chime in with your own picks.

NFL Week 11 2011 Sunday Picks

Vikings Vs Falcons:

SB- The Falcons are tough at home, and with no Adrian Peterson, the Vikes are already behind the 8-ball. Falcons roll 27-13

STC- The Dirty Birds are not so dirty and not awful at home. The Vikings are stinkalicious everywhere. I pity the Viking fans if this team is in the “Suck for Luck” race. They are not going to rise to their Norseman’s pride anytime in this decade. Falcons 12-0

Browns Vs Bengals:

SB- Bengals defense is tough, too tough for the Browns. Dalton has played well and hasn’t caved in to rookie pressure. Bengals 24-10

STC- Because I am still on the Dalton bandwagon~ and I still loath Mangini. I believe the bumbling Bungles can rise to the top. (fingers crossed) Bengals 28-17

Panthers Vs Colts:

SB- Hope this isn’t the featured game of the week…Panthers 24-14

STC- Could there possibly be a worse game? If given the choice to watch microwave cooking popcorn or this game, I’d choose popcorn. Even if it burns… Panthers 6-3

Texans Vs Jaguars:

SB- Texans defense is greatly improved this season, but so is Jacksonville’s. Will Leinart be able to run the offense efficiently? Easy hand the ball to Arrian Foster. Texans 20-10

STC- This will be a great game! Schaub is out and that hurt the Texans, but I think Leinart has an edge to him this kid might not prove himself this game. He will win in my opinion against the Jags on again off again greatness. Texans 17-10

Bills Vs Jets:

SB- I see the Jets are taking things six games at a time. Stating they must go 6-0 down the stretch to get in the playoffs. The Bills have been getting thumped recently, the Jets did so in Buffalo a few weeks ago. Cue up those SB predictions. Jets 27-13

STC- The poor Bills am I the only one that believed?  The door is closing and the Buffalos are living on a “wing” and a prayer. The Jets big mouthed egos will finally win one and again tell us why they are so superior to “any” team in the East. Jets 21-17

Cards Vs Rams:

SB-  Just going on a hunch here and for no other reason, going with the home team this week. Steve Spagnuolo’s boys get it done. Rams 21-17

STC- Just picking for the homers... neither team deserves to win! So many wonderful Cards fan I have met in my time out west so a pick for those folks. Cards 17-10

Bucs Vs Titans:

SB- This should be a great game, Bucs have found with great expectations come tougher schedules and matchups. My erstwhile partner is soooo right, Titans 21-20

STC- The Bucs always seem to step it up against a great challenge. Not that the Titans are that great, yet they play above themselves as do the Bucs… My bet is Steve B picks the Titans. This is my WOW what a game pick of the week~ Bucs 21-17

Bears Vs Raiders:

SB- Apparently someone… (see below) has never tried to throw a football with a broken thumb. I find myself in alien territory defending Jay Cutler. However, with him out it will set the Bears back. The Bears defense should give Carson all he can handle but the Raiders should pull this one out, just don’t kick the ball to Devin Hester. Raiders 21-13

STC- This is my wow “both teams lose” pick of the week. Poor Cutler broke his wittle thumb!!! Really A THUMB!!! I watched my daughter at 12 break two thumbs on a Saturday playing arena Field Hockey and go out on Sunday and lift a girl twice her weight with two broken thumbs. Clearly Cutler needs to play for the LPGA! ..and the Raiders well hmm? They are getting pretty good I wonder what is different? It’s like an evil spirit left the earth and they can win now? I wonder who? Raiders 23-10

Redskins Vs Seahawks:

SB- Pete Carroll will have the boys fired up for this one. What ever happened to that nice start by the Redskins this year. Seems like years ago. Seahawks 24-14

STC- Another I’d rather watch paint dry game… actually I would prefer to paint and then watch it dry and the second coat and watch again. Yawn fest of nothing. I am so upset with Pete. Seahawks 13-10

Patriots Vs Eagles:

SB- For a full breakdown of matchups click here: Eagles speed is a bad matchup for the Patriots this week. Interesting stat, the Eagles have given up on 45 yards receiving to a TE just twice this year. That changes today, as with a dinged up secondary, they have no one to cover Rob Gronkowski. If Vick played I’d flip the score. Patriots 27-24

STC- I defer to anything Steve B says on this game~ Is it just me? I have the roster up and running whilst watching every game. No name-defense No name-offense. How the heck can the Eagles coaching ever keep up when us Pats ‘ fans have no idea! This might be a barn burner my friends…Keep your socks on and cross your piggies!~ Pats 21-16

Broncos Vs Chargers:

SB- I like Tebow, and still don’t get all the hate going on towards this kid. Norv is heading dangerously close to the bread line but this week, they stop the bleeding at home. Philip Rivers is not going to have an easy time of it though. Chargers 21-17

STC- I might have a little Tebow thing going on. And I think Rivers does too, cause the Chargers are certainly not trying to win. Norv and Shanny need to get companion air passes on the next flight out with the entire Vikings management! I group things~ Broncos 1,000,000 –2

Steelers Vs Chiefs:

SB- The MNF crew was falling all over themselves in praise of Palko throwing about 25 passes at or behind the line of scrimmage. Until Coach Gruden had to state the obvious “Hey guys, whatever you say they still only have three points.” Indeed….so the Steelers are watching the tape and begin to lick their chops. Steelers 34-3

STC- Orton might show up again! But the Steelers like the Dirty Rotten Lions of Thursday shut him down. I am beginning to get my hate on for the Steelers and the Lions. I have no use for dirty players and teams, (points fingers at Roger Goodell then back at self) watching you sir… Steelers 23-17

Giants Vs Saints:

SB- This one should be a great game to watch, Eli and Brees slinging it. The key will be turnovers and red zone TDs. Eli’s receivers drop too many balls. Saints 31-28

STC- Still they continue to win the big games. Eli attempts to be ELIte in this match, but he will never be Drew and/or Peyton. Oh when the Saints they play at home they are locked and loaded. The Giants will have nothing for the Saints. Saints 35-32

Thursday games recap:

SB- GB, Dallas, Baltimore

STC- GB, Miami, San Francisco

Last week:    Season:

SB-    8-5      101-58

STC-  9-4      102-48


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