NFL Week 11 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
November 19, 2011 at 02:38pm ET

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Week 11 of the NFL season is here and certain things are starting to take shape. The better teams are beginning to rise to the top and certain teams are starting to falter.

My partner and friend Steve the Cat (STC) and I are making our predictions for this week below, feel free to chime in with your own. BTW both of us incorrectly picked the Jets to bounce back this week against Denver. J-E-T-S, Tebow, Tebow, Tebow.

Bengals Vs Ravens:

SB- Andy Dalton held up well under the pressure of the Steelers defense and put the Bengals in a good position before ultimately failing. With Ray Lewis out, can he take it a step further on the road backed by a good defense. Going to be close. Ravens 24-21

STC- Andy Dalton is continuing to impress me. He is still falling in the shadows of Cam Newton and will outshine by the seasons end. The Ravens defense is never to be overlooked and Flacco can still play, he just has to play better. Bengals 28-24

Jaguars Vs Browns:

SB- The Jacksonville defense has been very good this year and has kept them in most of their games. I like the Browns chances at home against a less than stellar offense, but in the end I think Maurice Jones-Drew is the difference. Jaguars 20-17

STC-  Jags 17-13

Panthers Vs Lions:

SB- The Lions have been slipping lately on the scoreboard as well as with public opinion as their on-field behavior leaves much to be desired. However, they should have enough firepower to down the Panthers. Lions 28-13

STC- Well, I said I would never pick the Lions again, but no way the Panthers are going to outscore the thugs of the NFL. Lions 37-17

Buccaneers Vs Packers:

SB- The Packers are rolling along at 9-0, that’s the good news, the bad news is that we subjected once again to the inane, ramblings of that blow-hard Mercury Morris. Guaranteed someone will track him down and shove a microphone in his grill this week again, like we really care. Oh BTW Packers roll on 34-17

STC- The on again off again Bucs will be no match for the Super Bowl champs. At this point in the season I do not see a team that can shut them down. Miami might need to stop their shipments of Champagne the Packers are looking unstoppable. Packers 43-23

Bills Vs Dolphins:

SB- That thud you heard the past two weeks was the Bills returning to earth in a big way. Their offense hasn’t been able to get untracked and Ryan Fitzpatrick has been forcing things and making mistakes. Their defense, which has made a living off of turnovers has been exposed. But the Dolphins offense may not be able to take advantage of it. Bills rebound 27-17

STC- The Bills have been do a little more stumbling than trampling, but they should be getting back into their groove and putting some nice Ws up on the boards. The Dolphins do not have the talent to continue their slight upturn. Buffalo should win this one with ease. Bills 28-13

Raiders Vs Vikings:

SB- This one appears to be a mis-match at first glance but the Vikings ground game and the play of Ponder had me flip-flopping this one all week. But in the end, I think Carson Palmer will put out a close win on the road and keep the division lead. Raiders 24-20

STC- Carson Palmer looked pretty shaky at first, but quickly shook off the cobwebs and is getting down to business. As far as the Vikings do they even realize they are playing football? How can any team be that bad shouldn’t there be one coach that can get a spark going, they should at least try for the fans. Raiders 28-3

Cowboys Vs Redskins:

SB- Cowboys are looking better and crushed the Bills last week. Now they go on the road to face the hated Redskins. Cowboys 31-16

STC- Tony Romo has stepped back into the running as an elite quarterback. The Redskins have some talent, but are showing nothing on the field. As I said last week Goodbye Shanny. Cowboys 31-10

Cardinals Vs 49ers:

SB- Do you believe this is the same dysfunctional lot from last season. They are believing in Harbaugh and themselves. 49ers 28-10

STC- Kolb is out Skelton is in the Cards have the worst luck at quarterback. Fitzgerald will still get it done on the field, but the 49ers are just playing too well to pass. Alex Smith wow! Thanks to Harbaugh this team is reborn. Positive reinforcement as opposed to screaming player hitting coaches seems to be working pretty darn well. 49ers 33-24

Seahawks Vs Rams:

SB- Call me crazy but I actually like the Rams in this one. Rams 17-13

STC- The Rams could win this one, but my money is on the Seahawks. The Seahawks have been hanging in there with some pretty impressive teams. The Rams have won two in a row, so this could be any ones game. Seahawks 13-10

Titans Vs Falcons:

SB- Atlanta had a heartbreaker of a loss in OT against the Saints, but I like the fact that they tried to win and believe in each other, this week they rebound. Falcons 27-14

STC- Both teams are fairly well matched on strengths and weakness. I will give the Falcons the go ahead on this due to home field advantage alone. Falcons 20-17

Chargers Vs Bears:

SB- Bears defense is playing very well. The Bolts are the perennial best team on paper and among the worst situational football teams in the league. What is the over/under that they kick to Devin Hester? Bears 31-20

STC- Phil Rivers seems to be up his own river and Norv is paddling. The Bears have had some great wins against very good teams, so this should be an easy win for Chicago. Bears 35-21

Eagles Vs Giants:

SB- The Giants played well in a late loss to the Niners but were in position once again to pull it out. The Eagles may be without Vick and are coming apart. Giants 27-17

STC- If I was Mike Vick I would be praying for a big win in this game to show he is the a one man force for the Eagles. Eli is playing unbelievably well this year and I cannot see him settling for another loss.  Giants 28-27

Chiefs Vs Patriots:

SB- For a detailed look at the matchups click here: Otherwise Patriots 31-14

STC- This would have been a great game if Cassel was still in action. The Pats defense decided to play last week against the Jets. Unfortunately this will not be the year Brady and Cassel face off. With Matt out there are too many variables to consider the Chiefs winning this game. Patriots 43-17

Last week:    Season:

SB-    8-8      93-53

STC-  10-6    93-44


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