NFL Week 10 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
November 13, 2011 at 01:04pm ET

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Week 10 of the NFL season is here and we have quite a few tough matchups this weekend. This is one week where it’s easy to go back and forth over the winners.

Both my partner Steve the Cat (STC) and I have both expressed the same thoughts on that this week. With a sub-par week behind us and another bad pick to start it off, it is easy to see why. So, let’s hope the rest of the slate works out better than the start we had on Thursday.

Raiders Vs Chargers:  Thursday Night Football

SB- Chargers win with a late score Chargers 27-24

STC- Should be a pretty cut and paste game... Phylis had a decent game against one of the best defenses I have ever seen, not that Carson didn't throw for a lot of yards, but no one should ever confuse The Broncos with The Packers. That is if, Mr Interception doesn't play half the game for the Raiders. (DOH!!) Hindsight is 20-20 Wow was I wrong. Chargers 35-17

Saints Vs Falcons: 

SB- The Saints defense has had its problems but their offense is operating very well and Drew Brees is always dangerous in a big game. Saints 31-24

STC- The Saints have been struggling a bit on defense this year, but that does not detract from the quality of their offense. Nothing against Matt Ryan, but I cannot see him getting around the Saints defense even in his own roost. Saints  33-10

Titans Vs Panthers:

SB- Has anyone fallen as far so fast as Chris Johnson? Averaging only 3.0 per carry, but Matt Hasselbeck has been a very good pick up for them. Titans 23-20

STC- I am not by any means on the Cam Newton bandwagon. In fact I am not even sure he would be a starter on any other team, but the Panthers. Not that Hasselbeck is setting any records, but his experience should be the difference in this game. Titans 17-16

Steelers Vs Bengals:

SB- My friend and esteemed colleague has trouble hiding her disdain for anything that says Jets or Steelers. But Dalton is a rookie and we all know what the Steelers can do to rookie QBs. Welcome to divisional football Andy. Pittsburgh 27-13

STC- Andy Dalton. Now that’s a rookie bandwagon I can call my own. The Steelers will do what they do on defense and attempt to shake the kid, but I think he can keep the ball in control. The Bengals defense should be able to contain Big Ben. Bengals 28-27

Rams Vs Browns:

SB- Ok, so this one won’t be given a prime time slot, but the Browns at home in the Dawg Pound should prevail in this one. Browns 17-14

STC- The Browns have given up the second least points to passers this year. Steven Jackson would have to have the game of his life to score the points on the ground for the Rams to win. I cannot see the Browns overlooking this fact and shutting down the Ram’s Rush. Browns 10-6

Bills Vs Cowboys:

SB- I’ve flip-flopped on this one all week, but I think this week Tony Romo and the ‘Boys score enough at home and cut down on the mistakes to get by. I saw some poor decisions by Ryan Fitzpatrick that are not good signs for Buffalo. Cowboys 27-21

STC- Well, the Bills are cooling off and the Cowboys cannot seem to get it in gear. I think the Bills crave the top-spot in the AFC East and will play above the Cowboys. I do slightly respect what the better of the Ryans has done for the Cowboys defense, but I still do not buy into the defense wins games mentality. Bills 20-17

Jags Vs Colts:

SB- I can’t believe I’m saying this but this is the week that the Colts score first and put the pressure on the opponent. Colts 21-20

STC- This one needs no explanation. Jags 24-7

Broncos Vs Chiefs:

SB- Which Chiefs team shows up this week? The one that won four in a row or the one that the Fins demolished? This week, I think they stop Tebow late in the game and hold on for a win. Chiefs 24-21

STC- Arrowhead is almost impossible for a seasoned team to play in, but if the Dolphins can do it, the Broncos can too. For this to happen, the Broncos need stop the Tebow hits… 17!! hits by the Raiders last week that is horrendous. Broncos 27-13

Redskins Vs Dolphins:

SB- Miami won one, albeit in convincing style last week. Now they invite the Skins down to the Florida sunshine for the weekend. Break up the Dolphins! Miami 20-17

STC- They won one. I suppose the Dolphins have decided to attract a quality QB in the draft (or maybe putting on a little lipstick to flirt with a certain Bronco QB) they should show they still have some winning ways. Either that or someone put a straight-jacket on Ross and kept him away from the team. As far as the Redskins I have two words that will solve their problems… Goodbye Shanny. Dolphins 14-10

Cardinals Vs Eagles:

SB- Some teams are greater than the sum of their parts, the Eagles on the other hand have been the opposite. But on Sunday, they should have enough to beat the Red Birds at home. Where has DeSean Jackson gone to? Eagles 27-13

STC- The Eagles seem to be getting back in the groove. I am impressed the Cards have had some close games with some great opponents, but the Eagles have more to prove this week. Maybe I should say a certain QB of the Eagles has more to prove and a certain lummox of a head coach does too. Eagles 20-13

Texans Vs Bucs:

SB- These are the kind of games that the Texans have traditionally dropped, and failing to step up in a big game. The Bucs are finding that high expectations are a bit daunting when everyone brings their "A-game” every week. Texans 28-20

STC- How Bout’ Them Texans! They have an offense, a defense and play calling. They are in sole lead of the AFC South and are looking playoff bound. Oh! And the Bucs looks like their ship has sailed. Texans 35-20

Ravens Vs Seahawks:

SB- Joe Flacco stepped up at crunch time and led the team to a game winning drive in Pittsburgh. If he plays like that down the stretch, the Ravens with their defense are going to be awfully hard to beat. Ravens 31-7

STC- Defense, Defense and a bunch more defense and a side of Flacco. There is no way the Seahawks are going to win this battle of the birds. The only thing that can stop the Ravens is their on again off again offense, which team will show up? Mr. Lewis and Mr. Reed, are you there this week fella? Ravens 35-3

Lions Vs Bears:

SB- The Bears and their offensive line troubles are going to have a hard time with the Lions front seven. Being at home should help but the Lions may have other ideas about that. Look for Megatron to have a big game. Lions 27-20

STC- I will not pick for the Lions to win ever again. I no longer feel any pity for the team only anger and disgust.  The organization not taking action against the two players that mocked a person’s beliefs by “Tebowing” is reprehensible.  To think Wes Welker was benched in the playoffs for his “Feet” comments shows a team that shows class. The Lions to me are now as classless as their coach. Bears 31-21

Giants Vs 49ers:

SB- Giants won a big game last week in crunch time in New England and have a really difficult schedule down the stretch. I think they’re in for a let-down after that. The Niners are playing really well and their defense has been superb. 49ers 24-17

STC- Now is the time of year when any new readers of our picks will learn I have a low tolerance for anything Manning.  Normally I hit my expiration date after a Colt’s match-up. But, Eli is annoying me; Peyton is just a pain in the neck this year. I am happy with the turnaround of the 49ers and that quality coaching does make a difference. Last year the mantra was “Defense wins games” I say not the truth. Bad Defenses lose games; great coaches create a team that wins games. 49ers  19-17

Patriots Vs Jets:

SB- For a complete breakdown of the matchups click here: Jets 24-16

STC- Steve B. I realize any person in the world with any football savvy is picking the Jets. So, on to the reasoning of my picking the Patriots, its Veteran’s Day Weekend (Thank you for your service sir) and we are the Patriots. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been very busy this week scrutinizing not only the Jets, but also our own defense this is always beneficial. Yes, I realize Brady is a QB, but the guy makes his money analyzing in seconds what defensive coordinators plan for weeks. Further, I cannot believe the Jets corners can shut down a three out TE formation if we start playing that again. Also, I have not seen TB getting overly aggravated during our losses; this makes me think there are some head games occurring. No one in the world beats BB at head games as he is the Grand Master! In addition, the Pats have put on a massive spy effort against the Jets. Shhhhhhhhhhh! (Just asks the Jets fans, that’s what they’ll tell you) Patriots 27-24

Vikings Vs Packers:

SB- Ok with all the going back and forth this week on the games this week, this is one (along with the Ravens) where I don’t have such a problem. Packers 38-17

STC- See above Jags Vs Colts pick. Also, not quite complete in my sniveling about the Super Bowl champs cinchy schedule. I am jealous, very very jealous. Very~ Packers 53-10

Last week:    Season:

SB-    8-6      85-45

STC-  8-6      83-38


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