NFL Week 8 Picks

NFL Week 8 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
October 29, 2011 at 12:15pm ET

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NFL Week 8 is here and the half-way point for many teams, the year is just flying by. But this week there are a couple of great games on the slate that should keep everyone’s interest while we shovel out from the snow. Snow in October? Ugh

Ugh, sums up last week as my partner Steve the Cat and I blundered through many of our picks, hopefully this week after the bye, we pick up our games again.

With that it’s off to the games.

 Cardinals Vs Ravens:

SB- The Ravens offense may be underwhelming with the play calling of Cameron and QB Joe Flacco, but the defense is just fine thank you. Ravens 21-10

STC- I am definitely under-whelmed by the Ravens last week, but the Kolb has been under-whelming the NFL for years. If the Ravens defense decides to play a little football this week this should be a very uneven game. Ravens 20 – 7

Vikings Vs Panthers:

SB- Ponder played pretty well in his first game against the Packers but playing on the road may be difficult for him unless they get Adrian Peterson going, but I like Newton and the Cats to hold serve at home. Panthers 24-17

STC- The Panthers have a little of offense happening, sometimes. Cam Newton obviously needs some work in the air the play callers should stick to the ground game. The Vikings well they have a pretty decent pass rush defense, so who knows might be day of interceptions. Panthers 17-10

Jaguars Vs Texans:

SB- Jaguars upset the heavily favored (by me anyway) Ravens last week, but the Texans offense is another matter and they’re on the road. Texans 24-7

STC- The Texans are coming off a Titan size slaughtering while the Jags were feasting on Raven (and I was eating crow). So with that epic failure still dangling I am going to go with the Texans. Texans 12-7

Dolphins Vs Giants:

SB- Dolphins have reached out to Bill Cowher’s agent, who informed them that he will not negotiate with a team having a head coach in place. This should fix that. Giants 31-10

STC- Mr. Ross the Dolphins fan base would like to see you by the tar and feather pit. With so many teams playing the Suck for Luck the Dolphins are leading the race. Now I all they will need is 52 other exceptional draft picks. The Giants, well too hot and cold for me, but at least they are trying to win. Giants 28-12

Saints Vs Rams:

SB- Saints put 62 points on the Colts and Drew Brees sat in the 4th qtr. Yikes that was ugly, this one may be almost as bad…but not quite. Saints 38-13

STC- The Rams at 0-6 not, suck for luck, just really bad. Saints march on and yes the following weeks match-up with the Buccaneers should be another cakewalk. Saints  48-14

Colts Vs Titans:

SB- Curtis Painter is getting a lot of heat, but giving up 62 points? The Colts skill players have cashed it in. Wayne, Clark, Garcon are invisible lately. Shameful. Titans 27-17

STC- Painter was shellacked last week. While the Titans are still looking for the plate number of the machine that rolled them over. Titans 24-17

Redskins Vs Bills:

SB- Interesting game here, but I think the Bill offense pulls out a late score in Canada to win. Bills 24-21

STC- Beck with benefit from the Bills lack of defense, but not enough to overcome the Bills who need this win to stay in the race. Bills  28-12

Lions Vs Broncos:

SB- Tebow, Tebow, Tebow! LOL Ok so they’re not going to win this week, but for the Lions, Stafford is looking really shaky in the pocket lately, not a good sign. Lions 24-14

STC- Suh wouldn’t touch Tebow would he? Would a lightning bolt shoot from the sky? I think so… But, I also think the Lions (although) faltering will best the Broncs. Lions 35-17

Patriots Vs Steelers:

SB- For a complete breakdown of key matchups click here: Patriots 31-24

STC- Nail Biter. The Steelers put the pressure on Brady every play of the game. I foresee some unusual plays on offense mixing things up. The Pats defense has been shoring up this week, but they need to get better quick. Last year I recall game six or seven when we pulled ourselves together so this game should let us know where we stand. Patriots 34-28

Browns Vs 49ers:

SB- Harbaugh has the Niners playing well and they believe…in  Alex Smith of all people! 49ers 28-13

STC- Is the Gold Rush back? Looks like it to me. Who could imagine a coach could make such a difference in a very short time. The Browns, well they are okay, but the offense is really putting them behind the eight ball. 49ers 38-17

Bengals Vs Seahawks:

SB- Bengals are playing well but activating Pac-Man could be a bad harbinger of things to come….but not this week. Bengals 21-13

STC- No one is lighting the world on fire here. The Bengals keep coming up a little less short then the Seahawks. Bengals 21-12

Cowboys Vs Eagles:

SB- Annual Hate fest in Philly between two teams who hate each other. I think Philly holds serve at home in this one. Eagles 24-17

STC- The Eagles are falling The Eagles are falling! The Cowboys have much more going for them right now then this cat expected. Cowboys 17- 16

Chargers Vs Chiefs:

SB- Hmm note to Norv Turner, watch Bill Belichick and the Patriots practice situational football….guess who’s tied for the AFC West? Kansas City! Given up for dead a few weeks ago, they beat the Bolts on a late score. Chiefs 24-20

STC- Yes, the Chargers spitefully lost to our arch enemy last week. But, that was only a close game with a great defensive team like the Jets. The Chiefs are out of it this year. Congrats Haley guess that yoga and Pilate's should make it into every teams pre-season. Chargers 45-9

Last week:    Season:

SB-   7-6       67-36

STC- 6-7       67-27


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