NFL Week 7 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
October 21, 2011 at 09:59pm ET

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Week 7 of the NFL season is here, almost the half-way point of the regular season, amazing how time is flying by. Earlier this year, this week was circled as a must watch week because Peyton Manning and Drew Brees would be locking horns. Now it loses some of its luster, no offense to Curtis Painter, but it lacks the marquee draw.

But there are plenty of other good games to keep an eye on this week with a lot of good divisional rivalries happening. It’s also my least favorite week of the season with the Patriots having a bye this week. But it’s off to the game predictions:

Redskins Vs Panthers:

SB- Be interesting to see how QB John Beck fares in his first start for the Skins. Washington’s defense has played well but I think the Cats score enough to win with a turnover late to help the cause. Panthers 24-14

STC-The Redskins offense is mediocre at best, but the Panthers defense is even more weak. This will be a mistake laden boring game I’d rather watch pancakes flip on a griddle than this interception fest. Redskins 21-14

Seahawks Vs Browns:

SB- Tempted to go with Cleveland at home here, but going to play a hunch (they usually don’t work out) and go with Pete’s boys pulling this one out. Seahawks 20-14

STC-You put your Whitehurst in, you put your Whitehurst out, you sit T-Jack on the bench and shake the team about! That’s what Carroll is all about. Both teams have subpar offenses and laughable defenses. The tip of the hat to the Browns and McCoy. Browns 17-12

Falcons Vs Lions:

SB- Falcons have struggled to re-capture their consistency from last year. Detroit is coming off of a late loss and homefield in the house is a nice advantage. Lions 31-21

STC- There is a pretty great chance that Schwartz still has his panties in a bunch and the Lions will be on the prowl against the Dirty Birds. Mike Smith should be very gentle with his handshake Jim is so sensitive… Lions 35-9

Broncos Vs Dolphins:

SB- Has any back-up QB ever generated so much ill will as Tim Tebow? The media all fight for the chance to skewer him at every turn. Not this week…Broncos 24-17

STC- If both teams were smart they would fight to lose. However, the Broncos are going to win this game to spite themselves. Tebow will give the team the spark he always does and if I were Kyle Orton I wouldn’t particularly care as next year he will be on a team with less organizational drama. Broncos 24-13

Chargers Vs Jets:

SB- Jets offense is predictable; teams are sitting on their same passing routes. The Bolts have a very good defense but have a nasty tendency for silly mistakes costing themselves games. Ryan Matthews may be the story here as the Jets struggle to stop the run. Can’t wait to see the NY tabloids next week. Chargers 27-20

STC- This might be a very great game. Yes of course the Jets will get in Rivers face. Yes of course Phil will get mad and through a fit. There is some unraveling going on within the Jets and I would not be surprised if Rexy is gone next year. You heard it here first. Chargers 35-24

Bears Vs Bucs:

SB- The Bucs are coming off an emotional win, and they have the people to get after Jay Cutler behind that woeful offensive line. Just don’t kick the ball to Devin Hester. Last minute FG wins this one for the home team. Bucs 24-21

STC- Cold hot cold hot cold hot. Either the pay calling is subjective or the playmakers. My bet is with the play callers as both teams have seconds of brilliance. Both need fresh talent across the boards. Bucs 21- 17

Texans Vs Titans:

SB- Titans are playing well this season and are a pleasant surprise. The Texans, supposedly one of the teams fighting for a SB berth out of the AFC, are again middling along at 3-3. Andre Johnson may play this week, but this game belongs to Arian Foster. Texans 28-17

STC- The Texans have cooled after their early and usual great start. The Titans with the aid of Matty and the loss of Crazy Jeff Fisher are struggling, but remain a decent middle of the road team. Titans 15- 12

Steelers Vs Cardinals:

SB- After going through a rough patch, the inconsistent Pittsburgh offense gets two cupcakes in a row. Just what the doctor ordered. Steelers 27-7

STC- Kolb is just not good and the Cards will struggle against the on again off again Steelers defense. Ben is still somehow creating plays, but the schedule has been pretty cinchy. Steelers 31-10

Chiefs Vs Raiders:

SB- The Raiders overpaid for Carson Palmer (what else is new?) but the Raiders have been playing pretty well for Hue maybe that is all Palmer needs. Raiders 24-13

STC- Matt Cassel who? Carson Palmer for what? Maybe two Big Macs and a shake, but two first round picks? Are we all sure Al is not still alive? Bad move, very very bad move. But better than Cassel is right now he isn’t even worth a value menu cheeseburger. Raiders 17-6

Rams Vs Cowboys:

SB- Funny how the press jumped all over Garrett for trusting in his defense, which had performed excellent all game; if Romo had tossed an INT there, they would be saying the exact opposite. No such worries this week, as Dallas will roll. Cowboys 27-13

STC- The Cowboys defense is very good. Which is nothing I can say about any member of the Rams team. Cowboys 28-10

Packers Vs Vikings:

SB- Think Dom Capers is going to dial it up with a rookie QB starting this week? Me too…Aaron Rodgers is as smooth as they come with so many weapons. Packers 34-6

STC- Train keeps a rolling right through the Vikings this week as well. I am still jealous of the easy schedule. Packers 24-3

Colts Vs Saints:

SB- Saints defense has been struggling, and Painter has a lot of weapons. But I expect Greg Williams will throw him a few wrinkles on the defense. Colts defense will have a rough time containing Brees and company. Saints 27-16

STC- Painter is pretty good. In fact starting him in place of Brady in my FFL, but well the bye-week plays into that quite a bit. Saints lost a tough one last week they will be very hungry and Painter will still be struggling with the mess Peyton created. Saints 28-14

Ravens Vs Jags:

SB- By the end of the first quarter Mr. Gabbert will be able to tell if Ray Lewis needs to shave, and say hello to Ed Reed. Ray Rice runs wild and Ravens roll. Ravens 34-3

STC- An absolute blow out of all blow outs. This might be the worst most lopsided Monday Night Game since, well, who really cares. Get out take a walk, read a book do something constructive my DVR actually refused to record this game even it had no interest. However, if you are that bored this could tie the worst Monday Night games of all times.  Ravens 42-0

Last week:    Season:

SB-   9-4       60-30

STC- 11-2     61-20


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