NFL Picks Week 6

Steve Balestrieri
October 15, 2011 at 03:13pm ET

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Well as the NFL season rolls into Week 6, there have been a few surprises, some good, some not-so good with the teams having success or lack of it. The Lions, Bills and Niners have to be looked upon as pleasant surprises, while the Eagles and Colts start wasn’t predicted anywhere.

Reports of Pittsburgh’s demise were pre-mature and a look at their schedule down the stretch would pretty much assure that they will be battling for a prime play-off spot in January. This week, there are some good games on the slate, the Niners and Lions square off as do the Saints and Bucs and here the Patriots face off against the Cowboys which promises to be a good game to watch.

Off to the picks….

Panthers Vs Falcons:

SB- The Falcons are too good of a team to go on much longer playing in a fog, they have to break out and this may be the week. Falcons 27-17

STC- There are moments of brilliance with the Falcons as usual and as usual they lose the momentum. Cam Newton is still hanging in there, but it takes more than just a quarterback to win a game. Falcons 24-21

Colts Vs Bengals :

SB- Colts are in a freefall, their defense has been ok, but they seem to be in a complete funk on offense. Too many veterans aren’t pulling their weight. Bengals 21-17

STC-Let’s face it the Colts organization has allowed one player to have so much control over their style of play they cannot win without him. Stupid move by the Colts, no matter how good Painter is and/or can be there are too many obstacles in his way to win. Now, the Bengals on the other hand are improving and should take this win. Bengals 21-18

49ers Vs Lions:

SB- Lions are playing fantastic ball right now, both sides of the ball. The Niners are as well, but I like the Detroit defense to put too much pressure on Alex Smith this week. Megatron has another big game, Detroit will roll. Lions 31-20

STC-I have no idea what possesses me to make this pick, but the 49ers are really getting it done on the field. Not to discount what the last to first Lions are accomplishing, however I just have a hunch.  Either way this should be a great hard-hitting game. 49ers 35-28

Rams Vs Packers:

SB- Aaron Rodgers to twelve (12?) receivers last week? Are you kidding me? That is ridiculous and the Pack will stay undefeated. Packers 37-10

STC- Can the Packers schedule get any easier? Who are they playing next week? Sunnyvale Nursing Home or an all Girls tag football team. C’mon NFL they won the Super Bowl why hand them easy wins? Packers 38-12

Bills Vs Giants:

SB- Whenever people throw dirt on the Giants, they seem to respond. This would be one of those weeks, the Bills have been getting a lot of good bounces on defense. Maybe this week some go the other way. Giants 27-21

STC- How ‘bout Them Bills? They are having a great year. The Giants are stale same thing year in and year out. Why is the team shackling itself to mediocrity? Are they thinking we won one Super Bowl that’s enough? Now the Bills have been creating a team, they were never horrible just always missing a few key players and have finally built an AFC East worthy team. Bills 30-24

Jaguars Vs Steelers:

SB- I love Roethlisberger, he walks out like Walter Brennan, then runs around like a deer and then hobbles off the field like a deer caught in a bear trap. That can’t play well with the other guys, but when you win, lots are overlooked and they don’t just win this week, they walk all over a mess of a Jags team. Steelers 34-3

STC- This is going to be a massacre. The Steelers are starting to get their rhythm going and that is serious trouble for any opposition. The Jags might as well try and pick up someone from Arena Football who could bare the humiliation of donning a baby blue uniform. Steelers 38-6

Eagles Vs Redskins:

SB- Everything is telling me the Eagles rebound and in a big way this week, last year, Mike Vick torched them horribly. So with that in mind, I’m going with Washington. Just a hunch that Shanny has a trick in store for the “Dream Team”. Redskins 27-24

STC- Well obviously Mike Vick will be a factor and Rex Grossman will not. The Skins defense is not awful, but (you-know-who) is pretty good at finding the openings and getting the downs. So this should be a typical back and forth mistake laden game of these two near-do-well teams. Eagles 28-13

Texans Vs Ravens:

SB- Flacco is still the weak spot of the Ravens offense, but that defense is world class and the ageless Ray Lewis gets better every week. Ravens 24-17

STC- If you are a betting person go against my pick the Ravens have been letting me down for the past two years. The Texans so close to that win last week, I’d hate to be Schaub that must have hurt. Back to the Ravens how can they have one of the best defenses in the league always and keep falling short? Flacco? Who needs to step up to the plate and throw like a franchise qb and not a back-up. Ravens 28-21

Browns Vs Raiders:

SB- Emotional win for Oakland last week, this is not the time for a let-down. I think their defense will rule the day here. Raiders 24-13

STC- The Raiders are pretty full of themselves right now. Who knows what has really gone on within the organization since Al’s passing. The Browns are once again that “middle of the road no one really cares except their fans” team. If the Raiders want to gain ground on the Chargers they had best make their bid this week. Raiders 35-17

Cowboys Vs Patriots:

SB- For a complete breakdown of the matchups click here: Patriots 31-28

STC- The Cowboys irritate me not just the poor choices but also, the team, the owner and the fans. I of course feel completely different about our Pats. This is one of those games when I hope Brady et all throws an 50 burger up on the boards. Aside from that, the Pats defense was vastly improved last week. The errors were kept in check and except for a few inopportune holding penalties a strong defensive game and not at all what the stats reflect. I have yet to figure how BB is manipulating these defensive stats, but we (although injury laden) are holding teams and forcing 1, 2, 3 and punt plays again and again and number 32 on defense? Pats 35-21

Saints Vs Bucs:

SB- The Bucs were supposed to be one of the up and coming teams in the NFC, but they were still sight-seeing in SF at kickoff time last week. Now they return home against Drew Brees and the powerful Saints offense. Close one but Saints win 24-21

STC- They’re back! The rickety start for the Saints is now and after-thought. They still have some work on defense, but the offense is trucking along and isn’t that what we have come to expect? The Bucs are also giving us what we expect coming out like a caged Bull and cooling off on both sides of the ball. Coaching maybe? I am not sure they have some playmakers, maybe they need better play callers? Saints 35-17

Vikings Vs Bears:

SB- Can’t blame Cutler for that debacle last week, he had no as in zero protection. And those false start penalties are on Mike Martz with his non-rhythmic cadence. This week they face Jared Allen…uh-oh break out the Tiger Balm! Vikings 24-20  

STC- Maybe it’s soon enough and Frazier can get a companion air fare with Childress. The owners are to blame for this ruination of a once proud team. The Bears well, they are just not good. Cutler is a wimp and the offensive line is the worst I have ever seen in football. In fact the Bears and Vikings should merge and see if they can create one decent team between the two of them. What the heck maybe get Parcells to coach I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time he double dipped on two teams. Bears 24-10

Dolphins Vs Jets:

SB- There is trouble in Jets land, the receiver is calling out the OL, who calls out the receiver, who gets with two other receivers and calls out the Offensive Coordinator. The coach denies it all but cuts one of the WRs…..Losing three in a row isn’t a pretty thing. But dust off that Super Bowl talk, the Dolphins are in town. Jets 31-6

STC- This one is pretty obvious. No Henne, No chance of Winny. Not that Henne makes any difference, Man! the Dolphins and pomp and circumstance of their red carpet galas (oops I mean football games) are a disgrace the NFL needs to step in and stop this bologna or kick Miami out of the AFC East. Jets 35-21

Last week:    Season:

SB-   8-5       51-26

STC- 9-4       50-18


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