NFL Picks Week 5

Steve Balestrieri
October 08, 2011 at 02:01pm ET

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The NFL season has already reached the quarter mark and there seem to be as many questions at this point with some of the top teams as answers. Both the Steelers and Jets defenses have been giving up more yardage on the ground than they’re accustomed to. Neither offense has been particularly potent yet either.

The Patriots remain the Jekyll and Hyde team of the league, with the #1 rated offense and the #32 rated defense. Now the Jets come to town for the renewal of unpleasantries. Something has to give, at least for this week.

Another sub-par week for SB at 10-6 while STC rolled to an impressive 13-3, so its on to this week's games.

Eagles Vs Bills

SB- Bills had a couple of last minute wins before the tables were turned on them last week in Cincy. The Eagles are desperate and I think Vick lights up the Bills defense with his scrambling this week. Eagles 31-17

STC- The Eagles have imploded this year. While the Bills have been exploding. The Bills defense has some slight advantages and the struggling Eagles offense will be manhandled by the Bills at home. Bills 34-20

Saints Vs Panthers

SB- Newton is the story of the year so far, and should have another good game although I think Greg Williams will dial it up a lot on the rookie. But Drew Brees is on the other side so I think the Saints win easily. Saints 28-14

STC-This will be an easy win for the Saints. I am not saying that Cam Newton is not a great rookie quarterback, because he is. But, the Saints know how to win in any stadium. The Panthers need to add defense to become a contender. Saints 31-12

Raiders Vs Texans

SB- The Texans had a big win last week against Pittsburgh, but will they let down? This is one they should have and will, pounding the ball on the ground. Texans 34-13

STC- Finally the Texans are playing the ball, we all knew they had it in em’. The Raiders have had some surprising wins, but the momentum seems to be ending. I look for the Texans to take this one easily. Texans 28-17

Chiefs Vs Colts

SB- Curtis Painter hit some big plays last week, and the Colts supporting cast is too good to go much longer without a win. Colts 24-13

STC- Both teams are just horrible this year. I see some improvement with Painter, which could spark the whole team. Colts 21-17

Bengals Vs Jags   

SB- Bengals had a big last minute win over Buffalo last week, these are the games they have been letting slip away in recent years. Jaguars 17-16

STC-This should be a roll over win for the Bengals. The Jags offense is even more pitiful then previous years. The Bengals defense has even shown signs of improvement this year. Bengals 34-10

Cardinals Vs Vikings

SB- Vikings are a mess, not good when 4 weeks in the QB is getting a vote of confidence. Cardinals 28-17

STC-Donovan is not showing the right stuff this year. Kevin Kolb is looking better, not great, but better. Both teams have a long way to go and this will not even be close to their year. Cards 24- 14

Seahawks Vs Giants

SB- G-Men are banged up and a semi-dysfunctional lot but should win comfortably at home against the Seahawks. Giants 27-10

STC-The Giants have turned a very poor start around. The Seahawks played one decent game and I do not see them backing into the playoffs this year. Eli is finding his feet again and they could be doing worse. Giants 28-7

Titans Vs Steelers  

SB- Titans defense has played well as has Matt Hasselback, the Steelers are scuffling right now but it’s way too early to count them out. Steelers pull out close one 24-21

STC-The Steelers may be putting the worse defensive team I have ever seen on the field. What a mess… Matt Hasselbeck has really come through for the Titans and I am sure a few million Seahawk fans are not to be pleased. I see at least a positive year for the Titans and a bleak outlook for the “Steel Curtain Brigade” Titans 21-20

Bucs Vs 49ers

SB- Niners at home pull out a close one over the Bucs Niners 24-20

STC-The Bucs have been looking great this year a little help seasoning on both sides of the ball and the will be contenders. The 49ers have a great momentum and I cannot see the young Bucs stopping them at home. 49ers 28-17

Chargers Vs Broncos

SB- Tebow…Tebow…Tebow….will be the chant in the 4th quarter. Bolts 34-13

STC-The Chargers have  won three out of the first five? Unheard of with Norv at the Helm. The Broncos will have their hands full with one of the nemesis. The Horse need too much work on and off the field. The organization is a big confused mess. Chargers 35-20

Jets Vs Pats

SB- For a complete breakdown of matchups click here: Otherwise Patriots 35-24

STC- All the Pats have to do is force them to the air, not that the Jets are good on the ground, but at a 55.1 completion rating this should be an easy win. What the Pats have to watch out for is the Jets D against the air and keep the ball on the ground. I expect to see some shoddy work by the Pats D, but enough talented plays on offense to keep the game interesting. Pats 38-14

Packers Vs Falcons

SB- Falcons have played GB well during the regular season. But right now the Pack are on a roll and this week isn’t the time for an upset. Packers 34-24

STC-Is it just me or is Aaron getting better and better each week? …or is this the merely attributed to the teams they have been (handed) to play. Without any true opposition they could be undefeated this year. The Falcons are okay, just not against a team of the caliber. Packers 38-20

Bears Vs Lions

SB- Lions are starting slowly the past few weeks and making large comebacks to win. That can’t continue, but the Bears offense line is terrible and with the Lions front seven with Fairley coming back this week? If Cutler walks off the field at the end of the game under his own power it will be a surprise.  Lions 31-14

STC-The Lions play every second of every game to win. Most of the Bears team does too, well except their offensive line. Two teams at 4-0 week five and one of the teams is the Lions? Who would have taken that bet last year? This should be a great game! Lots of hard hits, breakaway runs and red zone almosts Lions 24-20

Last week:    Season

SB-  10-6       43-21

STC-13-3       41-14


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