NFL Picks Week 4

NFL Picks Week 4

Steve Balestrieri
October 01, 2011 at 02:47pm ET

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Lots of surprises so far this season, the fact that the Lions are 3-0 isn’t too shocking however, since many thought that Detroit had turned a corner. But Buffalo’s surprising 3-0 start has people in upstate NY confident for the first time in years, they got off of 0-15, 20 out of 21 schneid with the Patriots.

Green Bay looks like defending champs and Tony Romo showed a gutty performance on MNF. Looks like the Kerry Collins experiment is over in Indy, and the Curtis Painter era has begun. Two prime time matchups in a row for Indy with Collins and Painter at QB is probably not what the league envisioned however.

Pretty poor week of picking by the “Dos Steveos” as we both came in at 10-6, hopefully for a big turnaround this week. Sorry for the late submission as my partner STC had to send her picks while at 35,000 feet jetting across the not-so friendly skies. So it’s off to the games…

Patriots vs Raiders:

SB- For a detailed matchup look, click here: Tom Brady will have to bounce back from a game where he threw 4 INTs, the same amount he threw all of last season. The Patriots defense is getting gashed badly through the air, and has the NFL’s leading rusher in Darren McFadden. A close one in the Bay but NE should prevail. Patriots 35-24

STC- Well they beat the Jets, but the Pats are not the Jets. However the Bills knocked us on our butts last week, so who can tell what weird NFL place we are in right now. I will defer to anything Steve B says and just hope we can hold on. Patriots 35-18

Detroit vs Dallas:

SB- This should be a great game, Tony Romo had a gutty performance on MNF but his receivers have to study the playbook, constantly lining up in the wrong formation, not running the correct routes? Unacceptable, the Lions are off to a 3-0 start and looking good. But I think Dallas holds home serve and hands Matthew Stafford his first loss of the season. Cowboys 24-21

STC- I realize Romo is actually playing good football this year. However, the Lions are playing tremendous football with the whole team. This one is a no brainer the Lions are on a “in it to win it” this year and the Cowboys unfortunately cannot count on Romo to keep up his winning ways, he will find ways to pout and lose. Lions 31-21

Washington vs St. Louis:

SB- Redskins lost a tough heartbreaker to the Cowboys on MNF and now have to take on the 0-3 Rams. I thought the Rams would be better than this in 2011. Could this be the week that St. Louis breaks into the win column? Yes, Rams 21-20

STC- This one could go either way I think Grossman is a bit better than Bradord, but that will be shown on the field. Nothing stellar on defense or offense a great game if you want a nice nap. Redskins 20-14

Minnesota vs Kansas City:

SB- Both teams come in winless and struggling, but Arrowhead is a tough place to play and I think the Chiefs will pull out the win. Chiefs 20-17

STC- Neither team is a fireball in the contest of who will not have a win this season. Vikings 17-14

Carolina vs Chicago:

SB- The Bears have to do a better job of protecting Jay Cutler, yes at times he holds the ball too long. But at times opponents are getting a free run at him. Bears defense will try to throw a few wrinkles at Cam Newton. Bears 24-16

STC- Neither team has shown greatness, but then few teams this year have. I’ll give the nod to North Carolina as the annoying couple in back of me with the two toddlers from Chicago everyone wearing Bears attire needs to lose for more my sanity. Back of the Plane people with kids! Panthers 28-27

Pittsburgh vs Houston:

SB- Steelers escaped with a close win over Indy when Curtis Painter came in late. The Texans lost a close one to New Orleans. I think the Texans will spread out the Pitt defense and win a close shootout. Texans 31-27

STC- The Texans have a great thing going on this year. Rising to the top while staying under the scrutiny of the elite teams. The exact opposite can be said for the Steelers. Where is the Steel Curtain? A pitiful year so far for a once great team. Texans 28-21

New Orleans vs Jacksonville:

SB- I think Drew Brees will light up the Jaguars defense this week. And the Saints will be blitzing Gabbert from all points of the compass. Saints 31-7

STC- The Saints defense is to the NFL what the Jags offense is, but both are managing to pull out some wins. I never doubt the Saints at home so the ball is in their court to finally shake off the cobwebs and get out and win. Saints 35-28

San Francisco vs Philadelphia: 

SB- Niners are off to a nice 2-1 start, while the “Dream Team” is 1-2. Vick is hurt but has plenty of weapons to pick from. Eagles 27-13

STC- I am starting to think Steve B is very correct Mr. Vick is not all that when he has no team to protect him. Oh! And makes stupid decisions on the line. The 49ers have shown vast improvement and the defense is not horrendous so they should be able to eek this one out. Niners 24-17

Tennessee vs Cleveland:

SB- Peyton Hillis is poised to have a big game, and Sunday may just be that game. Colt McCoy will need to step it up as well. Browns win a close 17-14

STC- If I was a Seahawk fan I would be a little bit ticked off. Matt Hasselbeck is having a great year and playing completely different ball. Yeah, the Brownies are not doing as bad as I thought they would, but this one goes to the Titans. Titans 24-17

Buffalo vs Cincinnati:

SB- Bills can’t have a let-down now after beating the Patriots last weekend in their “we finally did it” game. Their offense is potent with Fitzpatrick but he is prone to mistakes and must avoid them against a decent Cincy defense. Bills 28-20

STC- Well I guess they showed us! The Bills are the real deal not that they were speculated not to be, but did so in pretty fine form. The Bengals barely limped by the rebuilding Broncos better then I expected from the Bengals this year, but not so great. Bills 35-17

NY Giants vs Arizona:

SB- Upset special of the week, Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb lead a big win over the G-men and Eli Manning this week. Cardinals 27-21

STC- Snoozefest two of the week. AZ is slightly better with Kolb, but not much. Manning is still trying to figure out how to play in a year when he is the only Manning on the field. Giants 28-17

Atlanta vs Seattle:

SB- Hard to believe that the Falcons are 1-2, having dropped two close games. They have yet to put it together this season and Seattle can be a tough place to play, but the Falcons and Matt Ryan will find some room to throw this week. Falcons 27-14

STC- I cannot imagine either team scoring more than ten points. Falcons 10-7

Miami vs San Diego:

SB- Miami is in a free-fall right now, Tony Sparano is on thin ice and things don’t get any easier. They travel to SD to take on the Bolts. Keep Bill Cowher on speed dial, as he prepares to bring his talents to South Beach. Rivers has a big game going to Gates and the Bolts will roll. Chargers 34-14

STC- The Chargers are wishy-washy this year. Not unlike many years before, but they seem to be losing the edge they always have. Miami needs to be taken back by the NFL and all the giddy nonsense stopped. I see more reports in People Magazine about the Dolphins than in Sports Illustrated, that is sad for the whole AFC East. Chargers 28-14

Denver vs Green Bay:

SB- Packers are playing like champs, even if they’re giving up a lot of passing yards. There is nothing wrong with their offense as they have weapons galore….too many for Denver to handle. Packers 31-13

STC- This is not going to be pretty and I expect a media barrage of Orton outing when the Packers D is done with the Broncos. Do these fools really think Tebow would be better hurt than learning an offense? Aaron will lead the team to victory again~

Packers 35-21

NJ Jets vs Baltimore:

SB- Black and Blue game of the week. Or Black and Green. The Rex Ryan bowl game as he faces his old team. This one will be close and very physical. Jets have been struggling to run the ball this season which is surprising. The Ravens have been looking good and should bring some pressure on the QB this week. Ravens 20-13

STC- The Jets are showing some weakness. They will have their A game out for the Ravens this week. The Ravens, however, always have their A game on this will be a game of defenses and perhaps far too many hard hits and injuries on both sides. Ravens 24-20

Indianapolis vs Tampa Bay:

SB- Indy’s defense played some spirited defense against the Steelers last week. They’ll need that kind of effort again if they want to upset the Bucs in Tampa. But Curtis Painter doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of anyone. Buccaneers 20-14

STC- With Peyton done for the year the Colts had best be scouring the world for a replacement. The team has imploded and the Bucs will capitalize on every mistake. The limping Colts offense will be no challenge for the Bucs mostly steady defense.

Bucs 24-13

Last week:    Season

SB-  10-6       33-15

STC-10-6       28-11


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