NFL Week 3 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
September 23, 2011 at 01:02pm ET

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With Week 2 of the NFL in the books, there have been a few surprises with both the Bills and Lions being 2-0 to start the season. But are the Lions really that much of a surprise? Most people thought that with the stellar front seven, if Matthew Stafford could stay healthy, this was a team that could make some noise.

Two of the 0-2 teams, the Chiefs and Colts look to be in bad shape. Things don’t look too promising this week as they draw the Steelers who thrashed the Seahawks. Tom Brady continues to set the league on fire, on the heels of a 500 yard passing game, he passes for 400 more against the Chargers.

Lots of interesting games on the schedule this week, good luck to STC on her trip back to NH this week. Hopefully the good weather will follow you from Arizona. On to the games…

 Patriots vs Bills:

SB- For a detailed matchup look, click here: Brady and the Patriots are offensively in the zone right now. The Bills provide a good matchup but Brady will pick apart the Buffalo secondary and the pressure to score with them will lead Fitzpatrick to turn the ball over. Patriots 35-21

STC- The Bills finally have a great offense Fitzy is doing a stellar job and they have a great running game. A few things are going to have to happen for us to get a win here. Number 1 we need to stop their first in the league rushing, which we have been doing very well thus far. Number 2 would be maturing as a defense. This will take time, but we need to step up our game defensively. I cannot claim skewed figures and ranking on the Pats defense for going to prevent defense and allowing teams to score up a bit. However, in all Super Bowl winning years out D has been our 12th offensive man on the field and they get an A+ for creating game changing opportunities last week. The Bills have been excellent and have momentum on their side, but so do we…31-28 (Nail Biter) Pats

Jaguars vs Panthers:

SB- Blaine Gabbert will get his first start for the Jaguars, and Cam Newton is lighting it up for the Panthers, even if he turned over a few times against the Pack. I think the Panthers and Newton will continue their way and have their way with the Jags. DelRio will attempt to drive Maurice Jones-Drew to take the pressure off of the QB but to no avail. Panthers 28-13

STC- The Jags need a quarterback , any quarterback. The Panthers with Cam Newton are showing a very promising offense. Their lack of defense shows some problems with coaching, but all this can turn around with a few wins under their belts and this will be number 1. 17-6 Panthers

49ers vs Bengals:

SB- The Niners under Harbaugh will eventually right the ship, but Alex Smith is suffering from a concussion. And the Bengals are at home, but lots of distractions, with Benson being suspended and two players arrested. Niners 21-17

STC- The Bengals defense has been playing half decently and the 49ers not as awful as I suspected they would. But, both teams are far from winning anything this year. Harbaugh is going to need sometime to erase the damage of crazy Singletary. Turnovers, interceptions and poor clock usage I’d rather watch Elder Tennis then this game. 14-10  Bengals

Dolphins vs Browns:

SB- Tony Sparano must be feeling uncomfortable seeing Bill Cowher at the facility picking out new drapes. No running game will hurt the Fins again. Browns 20-14

STC- If I was a Dolphin fan I would harpoon Henne. They are a better team then this. The Browns are not exactly cashing in the big chips with McCoy, but there defense has moments of greatness. I lay the blame on Sparano and team ownership of course the fans deserve better than a bottom of the barrel team. 12 –6 Browns

Lions Vs Vikings:

SB- Detroit’s front seven should be the story here. I can’t see the Vikes putting much together on this unit. Stafford and the Lions roll 28-10

STC- The Lions are good! All around good. They might even be great. The Vikings, well clearly Frazier is the future roommate of Jeff Fisher at the loony bin. One team created a team with nothing and the Vikings destroyed on with everything. 35-17 Lions

Texans vs Saints:

SB- The Texans have revamped their defense and are playing very well. But do they really know how to win yet? The Saints and Drew Brees are a formidable test, and I think they pull out a close win. Saints 27-24

STC- Wow! Imagine when a team does not make idiotic play call decisions and creates one of the best Defenses in the NFL they win. That is what has happened in Houston this year. The Saints have looked tired Brees is still great the offense is still chugging away, but there is something missing. Maybe they are just a bit predictable always going to the pass? 21-20 Texans

Giants vs Eagles:

SB- Mike Vick is going to play by all accounts, which is a stupid risk for your franchise QB. The Giants injuries are piling up and they won’t have enough to stop Philly even with a leaky OL. Eagles 28-14

STC- If Vick can complete the game and stop taking so many useless chances this will be a cakewalk for the Eagles. The Giants are playing sloppy offensive ball and need some kind of new plays. Eli is 2-2 and that does not cut it in todays (or anydays) NFL. Easy win for the Eagles against a not so worthy foe. 28 – 13 Eagles

Broncos vs Titans: 

SB- Not sure if Chris Johnson is healthy for this one, and he has, so far, been kept in check. This would be a good week to feature him, as the Denver fans clamor for Tebow. Titans 21-17

STC- The Titans get the nod on defense alone. I do not particularly care for Hasselback, but at least they are a team removed from drama. The Broncos front office has to get their heads in the game and stop being media pansies. 17-16 (Coin Toss) Titans

Jets vs Raiders:

SB- My oh my, our friend’s NE heritage (bias?) showing through on this one! Jets defense should bottle up Jason Campbell in this one and their offense will feast on turnovers. These are the type of games the Jets play poorly in. Jets 24-14

STC- The Jets have a defense the Raiders nothing. Both teams are offensive, but that’s just their stench. 28-6 Jets

Chiefs Vs Chargers:

SB- The Bolts got sloppy last week turning the ball over 4 times and being stuffed on 4th and 1 from the goalline. But that shouldn’t happen this week as Philip Rivers will torch the Chiefs. Bad turn around in KC, hey Todd Haley, maybe Charlie Weis wasn’t so bad as the offensive coordinator. Chargers 35-6

STC- The Chiefs were pretty darn good last year and this is the worst turn around I have ever witnessed. The Chargers will have a scoring fest over the winless Chiefs. 165 – 2 Chargers

Ravens vs Rams:

SB- If Stephen Jackson can’t go, it’s going to be tough against Baltimore’s defense, who laid an egg last week. Ravens have plenty of offensive weapons and Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. Ravens 26-10

STC- The Rams have no offense and against the pretty decent Ravens Defense this is not going to be a pretty game. I would have scored the Ravens up a bit more, but they are not exactly an offensive dynamo either, just not as awful. 20-10 Ravens

Packers vs Bears:

SB- Old fashioned grudge match between old rivals. Chicago’s OL is leaky but something tells me they will put it together this week and play well as the defense gets a turnover or two. OK so I just want to be different here… Bears 28-24

STC- Aaron is playing great again and Cutler is throwing interceptions and getting sacked. Just like last year. This should be a very easy win for the Packers. 31-13 Packers

Cardinals vs Seahawks:

SB- Seattle is terrible, and were dominated by the Steelers last week. Beanie Wells may miss this one with a bad hamstring but the Cards still have Larry Fitzgerald…So what changes, the 12th man! Go against all reasoning with this one Seahawks 27-14

STC- Oh the Seahawks, not a good year at all. The Cards are always somewhere close to looking like they will get it done. Kolb has played well out of the shadows on Vick last year and is proving himself every week. Seattle needs too much to list in a few quick sentences, so I will leave it at they need everything. 28-7 Cards

Falcons vs Bucs:

SB- Hate to disagree with my friend here, but I think this one may be one of the better games to watch. I also think both QBs to be fine and this one will go down to the wire with the Dirty Birdz pulling out a nailbiter. Falcons 31-27

STC- This game will be a yawn fest. Both teams are struggling on both sides of the ball and lacking a decent quarterback. The Falcons did squeak by the Eagles, but with Vick out half the game does it really count?

10-9 Falcons

Steelers vs Colts:

SB- This one may go ugly early….(where have I heard that before?) Pittsburgh will blitz Kerry Collins and then blitz him some more. Kick them while they’re down….”Sweep the leg” Steelers roll 35-7

STC- This is not the Colts year with or without Peyton their defense is horrendous. Mind you the Steelers are not starting off with any promising play, but they are more functional then the Colts and should cruise to an easy victory. 20-7 Steelers

Redskins vs Cowboys:

SB- Romo was being fitted for a military style flak vest that should help protect his ribs. He showed some spunk coming off the mat to lead Dallas back last week. But with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin possibly out, who does he throw to? Can the Skins, another of those 2-0 teams go 3-0 with a win? Yes they do as Rex Grossman puts the turnovers aside and leads the Nation’s capital to waves of euphoria that they haven’t seen since…..the Reagan administration? Redskins 27-17

STC- Romo will most likely be out and not that, that is a big deal as Kitna is pretty good the Cowboys have no ground game that will be needed against the Skins.  The Cowboys defense will be an asset, but the Skins can hold their own too. The Cowboys get the nod on home field advantage only Cowboys 21-18 .

Last week:    Season

SB-  13-3       23-9

STC-13-3       18-5


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