NFL Week 2 Picks

NFL Week 2 Picks

Steve Balestrieri
September 16, 2011 at 01:25pm ET

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With the first weekend of the NFL season in the books, there were the always present upsets and surprises that seem to happen early in the season. Now the question is do these surprises become a trend or are some of the teams as good/bad as they showed last week.

To continue a trend from the past few years, my friend Wave, (Steve the Cat) a die-hard Patriots fan from New Hampshire originally who now lives in Arizona has sent in her weekly NFL Picks in with mine and we’ll compare them every week.

Due to an unexpected computer glitch last week, (we’re getting with Al Gore on this right away) STC’s early picks are still out in cyber space somewhere. But here are who the 'Dos Steevos'  think will take home the wins this week:

Raiders Vs Bills 

SB- The Bills looked very good last week in the dismantling of the Chiefs.Ryan Fitzpatrick looked sharp and the Bills defense limited the Chiefs to 108 yards passing.

I think that trend continues this week as the edge the Raiders. Bills go to 2-0 with a close win. Bills 24-20

STC-  Fitzy is the real deal. He is not a super star or what many would call an elite quarterback, but he plays every second of the game to win. He beat the Chiefs at Arrow Head and that take composure. The Bills defense is looking exceptional. The Raiders did manage to manhandled the Bronco in Mile High, but with all the nonsense and media frenzy surrounding the Broncos it will be hard for them to settle down and play, they will not be that lucky against the Bills. 31-10 Bills


Packers Vs Panthers

SB- The Packers offense looked strong and balanced against the very good and aggressive defense of the Saints. I don’t see any reason why that shouldn’t continue against the Panthers. Cam Newton had a bye week so to speak against the Cards, welcome to the NFL Cam, meet Mr. Matthews. Packers 38-6

STC- Cam Newton had an exceptional rookie debut, but he’s not Aaron Rodgers (yet). The Packers defense although not the powerhouse we saw last year still managed to squelch the Saints. While the Panthers we dealt with by the problematic Cards. The Panthers defense needs to rev it up before they are contender even with a great young QB. 41 – 17 Pack

Chiefs Vs Lions

SB- The Lions looked very good last week and they have arguably one of the best front sevens in the NFL. If Stafford can stay healthy the Lions may make some noise in the NFC. These are the type of games that they need to win. The Chiefs are poised to make a huge step backward this season, do they rebound this week? Nope. Lions take down KC 27-17

STC- Is the Lion Curse finally reversed? Detroit seems to have turned a corner and they are firing well on all cylinders. Strafford is looking good in his sophomore year and the Lions defense not to shabby. The Chiefs, well what a difference a year can make. No defense No offense, but at least they still have great BBQ. 35 – 6 Lions

Browns Vs Colts

SB- Kerry Collins’ struggles last week have a lot of people writing them off already. Are the Colts done? I don’t think so, it’s going to take Collins awhile to fully integrate into this offense. Will they miss Manning? Yes, but they have too many weapons to just disintegrate that quickly. Colts and Collinsstart better against Cleveland and even it up at 1-1. Colts 20-13

STC- The question is does a quarterback really have the greatest impact on a team? Apparently that questioned has now been answered. But, to have that much of an impact on defense as well? The Browns Have a slightly better defense as of now and almost better offense. I am picking the Colts on the basis that they know how to create chemistry and they will spend the week getting back to basics. 17-10 Colts

Bucs Vs Vikings

SB- In the vein of having to disagree with my esteemed partner here and there, I’m going to go with McNabb and the Vikings making a comeback here. They (he) can’t be that bad and pass for 39 yards can he? I don’t think so, the Buccaneers are one of those up and coming teams but will have to find ways to win when not at their best. This might be one of those weeks. Vikings 17-16

STC- The Bucs are that little engine that “almost” could. But never can.  The Vikings are the little engine that can’t. Major improvements need to be made to the Viking organization as a whole before I will view them as a serious contender. This could go either way Freeman is okay McNabb when he isn’t have a pouty day, but I would not be surprised to see the Vikes tank the season for a favorable draft pick. 17-13 Bucs

Bears Vs Saints

SB- The Bears had a huge week 1 win demolishing the Falcons, one of the teams picked to be a NFC powerhouse. The Saints played well but lost an oh-so-close game against the Packers. Drew Brees is on top of his game and has a lot of weapons. He’ll feast on the Bears Cover 2. Greg Williams is going to dial up blitzes from all over the place to put pressure on Jay Cutler. The Bears OL is the key here, and this week they fail to keep Cutler upright. Saints 31-14

STC- This is a toss up with the Saints getting the mod with a big home field advantage. The Saints defense has not gelled, but if they can find the omnipresent holes in the Bears offensive line this should be an easy win. I trust that Sean Payton has the boys learning from the mistakes of last week and we will see a much better defensive line in the Big Easy on Sunday. Plus I have not liked the Bears for 26 years and I am not going to change any time soon. 28-14 Saints

Jaguars Vs Jets

SB- The Jets were outplayed for about 50 minutes last week but hung tough and used a couple of Tony Romo gaffes in the 4th Qtr to pull out a close win. Mark Sanchez feasted on the Dallas secondary after their top 3 CBs went down. No such worries this week, J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets lead this one start to finish. Jets 31-7

STC- Rex Ryan is a defensive genius? No ask him, its okay, he will tell you he is. Now if he relayed his knowledge to his players, maybe just maybe they might have looked a little more season ready against the Cowboys. The Jags are the Jags they are always a player or four away from being a contender. Their defense has shaped up a bit, but there is plenty of room for improvement on offense. I loathe picking the Jets, but I think they will have a much easier week. 24- 10 Jets

Seahawks Vs Steelers

SB- Pittsburgh played as poor as I’ve seen them play in quite a while. Warren Sapp on NFL network was particularly scathing in his remarks “four words Steelers fans, Old, slow, it’s over.” I wouldn’t quite be ready to give them a dirt nap yet. They have some talented WRs and they may morph into more of a passing team even more than they’ve been the past few years. The Seahawks are struggling at the QB position. With 64 yards passing against SF, what happens this week? Steelers 34-13

STC- As the Steelers fans spend the week drying their Terrible Towels. The Seahawks fly in, freshly carved up by the 49ers. The Steelers played the worst game I have ever seen them play and I am sure will be locked and loaded with birdshot. Big Ben had better get his head out of the clouds and start playing his game. I have heard people say, “Well, the Steelers started slow last year” No they started great last year, the steel curtain is an afghan after last weeks’ blow out. 28-10 Steelers

Ravens Vs Titans

SB- Checklist for the Ravens this year, start fast…check, beat Pittsburgh…check, Flacco beat Roethlisberger for first time…Checkmate. Baltimore is loaded this year, Ray Lewis (the ageless one at MLB) Ed Reed on defense are too much for the Titans. Flacco will gain confindence every week as the Ravens make another statement at the expense of Tennessee. Ravens 30-10

STC- Mr. Flacco, not too shabby sir. The Ravens are stepping up their game again! Early season again, right before they fall apart again? The Ravens have decent defense and control of the game with what appears to be hungry players who want to win. The Titans on the other hand just can never get into that groove it takes. Poor decisions in the front office have left a mess on the field for too many years. 28-17 Ravens

Cardinals Vs Redskins

SB- The Redskins had an impressive first week win over the Giants. Rookie DL Ryan Kerrigan had a pick-6 and Rex Grossman threw for 300 yards. I expect that to continue, although Kevin Kolb who threw for 309 yards last week will provide a big test for the defense with Larry Fitzgerald. Cards defense will let them down here. Skins 28-24

STC– This is my coin toss of the week. Kolb is doing better than expected, well then I expected and Fitzgerald is always a force. The Skins did have a nice win over the Giants. Both teams fairly evenly matched so I will pick based on home field advantage a the win last week over Manning. 24-20 Skins

Cowboys Vs 49ers 

SB- For some 50 odd minutes Tony Romo was having an outstanding game, and then the wheels came off. Dallas’ offense looked very good against a very tough Jets defense. They should have no problem moving the ball and scoring points this season. I am still underwhelmed with Alex Smith at QB for the Niners. Cowboys 27-17

STC- Romo played much better than in recent years, of course he still threw his trademark interception. But, as long as the 49ers continue to rely on the unreliable Alex Smith they are in for a rude awaking as the year continues. The defensive seem evenly matched when considering strength of opponent from last week’s games. 13-6 Cowboys

Bengals Vs Broncos

SB- Bengals played well in a win against division rival Cleveland, but Dalton only threw 15 passes. Kyle Orton will put more pressure on them to throw this week and Dalton may try to force one or two that will cause turnovers. Denver 20-13

STC- The Broncos organization is a mess. The crowd is shouting Tebow Tebow Tebow, who is gracious enough to look disappointed that they are not supporting Orton. All of the nonsense created in the off-season and aura of drama that has only been witnessed before in the many retirements of Favre. Its obviously destroying the team. The Bengals will always be the Bengals the team that just can never seem to color in the lines and creates a mess by season end. The Broncos had a decent defensive game, but losing at Mile High to the nemesis of last season has to strike a painful blow. Broncos 17-10

Texans Vs Dolphins

SB- The Texans have had a prolific offense with Matt Schaub and his many weapons to turn to. But now, they’re putting together a defense that may be able to stop people. Chad Henne played very well last week, but the Dolphins struggled in the red-zone particularly inside the 10 and that may hurt them going forward with no running game until their injuries are sorted out. Houston 30-17

STC- Run Run Run the ball through the Dolphin D many holes you will find there and on special teams you’ll see. I really like the Texans this team never gives up. They aree showing better play calling this year and when Schaub starts firing things should be looking great. Although, I must say Henne threw the ball better than I have ever seen him. But, the Texans defense is seasoned and stout and will not make create the penalties assessed to the Pats last week. Texans 28-10

Chargers Vs Patriots

SB- For a detailed breakdown click here: Patriots 31-27

STC- The Patriots offense is not at all to be confused with the Vikings, so that cute little first place in Pass Defense is all smoke and mirrors for the Chargers. Rivers threw for two interceptions last week without the evil stare down of our newly anointed pass rush. Look for the Pats to put so much pressure on Phil he is having fits before the second half. Our defense needs to play more-cleanly and I attribute quite a bit of the penalties to first game jitters. Our offense tasted the first blood of the season and even with Koppen out with a broken ankle the other Dan the Man stepped right in flawlessly. Pats 35- 10

Eagles Vs Falcons 

SB- I am one of the minority here, as I don’t get the whole WOW factor of Mike Vick, athletic? Absolutely, can make plays with his feet and scramble? None better. But he feasts on the weak teams and has struggles against the good ones. Down the stretch last year, he was rather ordinary in my opinion. His returning to Atlanta should be interesting from both points of view and not overlooked. The Falcons laid an egg last week and should be primed for a much better game. Look for them to run the ball and use the middle of the field with Tony Gonzalez over the Eagles LBs. Falcons 27-20

STC- Okay, so yes Vick is not throwing as accurately as he could be, but he creates the opportunities and the first downs and the Falcons have Ryan. That’s about it for that. Eagles 28-14

Rams Vs Giants

SB- This one should be a good game, had Steven Jackson not gotten hurt, the Rams may have been able to upset the “Dream Team”. It’s uncertain if he plays but the Rams will need him to balance the offense. I think the Giants will rebound this week and play better, especially Manning the Younger. Giants 24-17

STC- Well, in the off-season we learned from Eli himself that he is just as good as Tom Brady. So, I expect 4 TDs and 517 yard blow out this week in the Meadowlands. (Yeah, I managed to type that with a straight face) What I see is Bradford playing with a hurt digit throwing gingerly as he will be afraid of getting injured, again. Also I see, Eli throwing his trademark interceptions. The game could go either way, but I will give the tip of my hat to the Giants on Home field and experience. 10-7 Giants

Last Week:

SB-  10-6

STC-  5-2


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